Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Manuel “Lolo” Ibern: The visionary Spanish coach

Manuel “Lolo” Ibern, son of Manuel Ibern “Polichon” played from 1965 to 1972 for “C.N. Barceloneta”. Member of the Spanish National team with 85 International presences, he competed at Utrecht 1966 European Championship, Mexico 1968 Olympic Games, Barcelona 1970 European Champs and the Munich 1972 pre-Olympic tournament. He was considered as the “brain” of C.N. Barceloneta that won on 1969 the unbeatable, up to that moment, C.N. Barcelona. As a player he won the 1970, 1973 and 1974 National Championships along with the 1973 Spanish Cup. On 1976 he became the coach of CN Barceloneta, the club that was considered the leader in age group categories. After the Berlin 1978 ,World Championship he succeeded Josep Brasco, as Head Coach of the Seniors National team of Spain, leading Spain to the 4th place to the Moscow 1980 Olympic Games, to the 1st place of European Junior Championships in Sittard, Holland, to the bronze in Rome 1983 European Champs and the 4th place to the Los Angeles 1984, Olympic Games. He has been member of FINA TWPC (1988-1992) and LEN TWPC (1990-1994). Since 2006 he has been nominated ad Sports “Secretary General” of Cataluña.
courtesy of Juan Antonio Sierra and Josep Brasco.

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