Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Manuel Ibern Lerida: The legend of Barceloneta

Manuel Ibern Lerida was born in Barcelona in 1915. Ha has been Water Polo coach of C.N. Barceloneta from 1959 until 1970. Know as “Polichon” he was the man who, devoted his life working with youngsters, assisting the Catalan Federation to implement a serious age group program. Close friend of the legendary Bandy Zoyomy, he became immediately firm believer of Bandy’s philosophy. As coach of C.N. Barceloneta on 1969 he succeeded, to beat for the first time the “usual winner” of the Spanish league C.N Barcelona. On 1970 he won with C.N. Barceloneta the Spanish Championship, converting himself to Barceloneta's legend. He was close friend with Josep Brasco who along with Zolyomi formed an unseparable triagle known as: “ Bandy – Barandy – Barandilla”.
Source: Juan Antonio Sierra; Historia del Water Polo Espanol 1908-1994

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