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1946: Match at the pool of "C.E.Mediterrani"

Water Polo match at the pool of "C.E. Mediterrani" (Sans, Galileo street) in 1946.
Source: "Mes de mig segle; Historia del Club Esportiu Mediterrani; 1931-1987"

1959: The team of "C.E.Mediterrani"

The team of "Club Esportiu Mediterrani" Champion of B' Catalan division in 1959. Standing L-R: Maria Castella (coach), Ramon Benito, Pere Suan, Joan Martin, Josep Escasany (coach). Seated L-R: Armand Casado, Jaume Beltran, Josep Lorenzo, Angel Parales.
Source: "Mes de mig segle; Historia del Club Esportiu Mediterrani; 1931-1987"

1951: The team of "C.E.Mediterrani"

The team of "C.E.Mediterrani" that took part at the Catalan Championship of 1951: Standing L-R: Josep Brasco, Joan Vidal, Paulino Martin, Josep M, Domenech, Armand Casado. Seated L-R: Angel Gomez, Josep Ballester, Josep Escasany.
Source: "Mes de mig segle; Historia del Club Esportiu Mediterrani; 1931-1987"

Thursday, June 28, 2007

1941: The team of "C.E.Mediterrani"

The team of "Club Esportiu Mediterrani", Barcelona Spain in 1941. Standing L-R: F.Cervetto, R.Ruiz, A.Aleixandre, M.Lecha, M.Flaquer, J.Also and B.Ruiz.
Source: "Mes de mig segle; Historia del club C.E.Mediterrani; 1931-1987"

1932: The team of "C.E. Mediterrani", Spain

The team of "Club Esportiu Mediterrani", Barcelona Spain in 1932. Standing L-R: Joan Llenas, Carrasco, Fernandez, Josep Munoz, Pere Munoz, Domenec Puigdengolas and Hans Rosenzweig.
Source: "Mes de mig segle; Historia del club C.E.Mediterrani; 1931-1987"

1952: Post card and stamp from Luxembourg

Post card from Luxembourg, with a picture of a 1952 Water Polo match and the first stamp ever issued with a Water Polo subject, on the occasion of Helsinki Olympics.
Source: personal collection

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sandro Castellano: The “Patriarch” of Water Polo journalism

Sandro Castellano, born 1925 in Suza, Torino Italy is a legendary personality of World Water Polo. Considered as the “Patriarch” of International Water Polo journalism, he had a long and successful carrier including his presence to “no more” and “no less” than 10 Olympic Games……Castellano at the age of five moved from Suza to Pegli, Liguria due to family reasons. At his youth he has been Water Polo player playing for “beach club” teams of Liguria, in amateur level. In 1938 he has been drafted along with his two best friends by “Andrea Doria”. Despite the fact that he was a good swimmer, he was the only one not selected because of his “short hands”…..His great passion for the Sport didn’t let him to go down. His strong will to remain in the field brought him to the world of Journalism. Sandro Castellano worked for various Newspapers such as “Gazzetta dello Sport”, “Tutto Sport”, “Stadio Bologna”, “Corriere dello Sport”, “la Stampa”, “Corriere della Serra”, “il Giorno”, “il Mattino di Napoli” etc. In early 70’s he has been one of the first journalist to work for the well know Italian magazine “Il mondo del Nuoto” and the the "International Swimming and Water Polo magazine". His international debut started back to 1952 at Helsinki, Olympics. He missed Melbourne 1956 but then he didn’t miss any Olympics from Rome 1960 up to Barcelona 1992. He covered 14 European and 7 World Championships ending his great International carrier at Barcelona 2003 World Championships. Sandro Castellano is now living in Pegli, still hunting news from around the World. We don’t know if he became rich spending his life writing stories about others; teams, players, coaches, referees or officials. One thing is sure. Sandro Castellano, despite his “short hands”.. showed a passion and dedication for this Sport, that should inspire next generations to do their best attempting to attract more and more people to the Water Polo family around the World.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

1982, Ecuador: The Greek National team

The Greek National Water Polo team that took part at Ecuador, 1982 World Championships. Ranking: 1.USSR, 2.Hungary, 3.West Germany.
Standing L-R: Thomas Karalogos, Vaggelis Koskinas, Spyros Capralos, Marcellos Sitarenios, Andreas Garyfallos (coach), Andreas Gounas, Aris Kefalogiannis, Fondas Moudatsios.
Seating L-R: Nikos Armenakis, Kyriakos Giannopoulos, Yiannis Giannouris, Andonis Aronis, Sotiris Stathakis and Yiannis Vossos.
Source: personal collection

1982: The team of "New York Athletic Club"

The "New York Athletic Club" team during their trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1982. Back row L-R: Lou Gioia, Jose Ferraioli, Charles Gulotta, Ray Judge, Chris Judge, Bill Harris. Front row L-R: Dan Solomon, Scott Schulte, Homer Lane, Joel Iannuzzi, Spyros Capralos, Jim Purcell, Tom Gleason and Russ Hertzberger.
Source: courtesy of Mr. Bill Harris

1981: The”New York Athletic Club” team

The 1981 U.S.A Indoor National Champions of "New York Athletic Club". Back row L-R: Bill Harris, Russ Hertzderger, Peter Weyman, Spyros Capralos, Dan Solomon, Scott Schulte, Chris Judge, Joel Iannuzzi, Lou Gioia, Dennis Christy. Front row L-R: Jose Ferraioli, Homer Lane, Dan Jannuzzi.
Among the players is Spyros Capralos distinguished player o the Greek National Water Polo team at Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games, currently Chairman of the Athens Exchange S.A. and C.E.O of the Hellenic Exchanges S.A.
Source: courtesy of Mr. Bill Harris, Head coach of Fordham University and former player of NYAC (1967-1992)

1913: The “Weston super Mare” ladies team

The “Weston super Mare” ladies Water Polo team in 1913.
is an English seaside resort town in North Somerset. The town is situated on the Bristol Channel at the south west of Bristol. It is well known for its sandy beaches, although at low tide the sea can be over a mile from the beach front.
Source: private collection

Monday, June 25, 2007

Romolo Parodi: The missionary coach from Liguria

Romolo Parodi, born in Liguria, Italy in 1936 has been a great player and an exceptional coach. His sport carrier started at “Genoa Nuoto” with which he won the 1955 National Championship. He continued playing for “Rari Nantes Camogli” winning the 1957 Italian Championship. In late 50's Parodi has been among the players of the Italian National team and missed “at the last moment” the Rome, 1960 Olympics, not being selected by his future coach at Camogli in 1964, Bandy Zolyomy…
In 1971 he moved to Sicily, invited by Concetto Lo Bello, President of “Circolo Canottieri Ortigia”, Syracusa as player-coach. Being a “Maestro dello Sport”, title attributed by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), Romolo Parody set the basis of the future successes of the “C.C.Ortigia” Syracusa. He was the coach who believed into the youth, daring to promote various youngsters to the 1st team, such as Paolo Caldarella and Sandro Campagna, future 1992 Olympic winners. “C.C.Ortigia” by the end of 70’s was ready to get promoted to the A’ division, but Parodi, firm believer of his plan, preferred to keep playing in B’ division letting his emerging champions to reach maturity. Just a year prior to the promotion of Ortigia to the A’ division in 1981, he left his team not willing to compromise with the team Management. From 1981 up to 1984 he moved to “Nuoto Catania” and then in 1984 he came back to Syracusa staying until 1987. From 1990 to 1991 he coached Rari Nates Camogli and then in 1992 he went back for the 3rd time to his Ortigia. In 1994 he moved to “Chiavari Nuoto” where he closed his long and fruitful carrier. Romolo Parodi has been recognized as the “gentleman” of the swimming pools, a man not willing to compromise, offering at any cost room to the young generations.
Source: courtesy of Mr.Sandro Campagna (Head coach of the Greek National team).
Photo: Bandy Zolyomy with Romolo Parodi.

1964: “R.N.Camogli” of Bandy Zolyomy

The team of “Rari Nantes Camogli” coached by the legendary Bandy Zolyomy in 1964. Among Zolyomy's players are the future coaches of the Italian National team and “C.C.Ortigia” respectively Gianni Lonzi and Romolo Parodi. Bandy Zolyomy coached Camogli until May 1965 and then he moved back to Spain.
Standing L-R:
Gianni Lonzi, Mortola, Caprarulo, Ferrando, Bandy Zoluomy, Serina, Romolo Parodi. Seated: Guerrieri, Zaottini, La Firenza, Baracchini, Rusconi.
Source:, Photo: courtesy of Mr.Gianni Zaottini

1988: The team of "C.C. Ortigia"

The team of "C.C.Ortigia" coached by the legendary Catalan coach Josep Brasco in 1988. Standing L-R: F.Pappalardo, Campagna, Gainotti, Cardarella, Luca, Tommasi, F.Di Caro. Seating L-R: Leone, S.Di Caro, Mancuso, Comini, Sudar, Carotini and Josep Brasco (coach). Brasco coached Ortigia in 1989 as well and led the team to the playoffs of the Italian Championship and the semifinals of the Italian Cup.
Source: "C.C.Ortigia" 85 years; 1928-2003.

1986: The team of "C.C.Origia" Syracusa

The team of "C.C.Ortigia" Syracusa in 1986. Standing L-R: Tommasi, Sudar, Cortese, Caldarella, F.Di Caro, Negro, Campagna. Seated L-R: Romolo Parodi (coach), Mancuso, Migliore, S.Di Caro, M.Pappalardo and F. Pappalardo.
Source: "C.C.Ortigia" 85 years; 1928-2003

1981: "C.C.Ortigia" first time in A' division

The team of "C.C.Ortigia" that took part for the first time to the A' division of the Italian Championship in 1981. Standing L-R: Campagna, Cassia, Iuppa, Del Duca, Muti, Caldarella, Genovese (President).Second row L-R: Circo, Migliore, Albo (coach), Salonia, S.Di Caro. First row L-R: A.Benedetti, A.Vancheri and Mancuso.
Source: "C.C.Ortigia" 85 years; 1928-2003

1980: The golden Juniors of "C.C.Ortigia"

The Juniors of "Circolo Canottieri Ortigia" in 1980. Within the team are two future Olympic Champions. Paolo Cardarella and Sandro Campana Olympic winners at Barcelona, 1992 Olympic Games. The team: Caldarella, Campagna, Caruso, Migliore, Russo, D.Benedetti, Salafia, Cascella, M.Vancheri, Lanco.
Source: "C.C.Ortigia" 85 years; 1928-2003

1978: "C.C.Ortigia" of Romolo Parodi

The team of "C.C.Ortigia" Syracusa Italy in 1978. Albo (vice coach), Piazza, Cassia, S.Di Caro, Breschi, Circo, Iuppa, G.Boccadifuoco, Migliore, Lavaggi, Mancuso, Romolo Parodi (coach), Salonia.
Source: "C.C.Origia" 85 years; 1928-2003

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1977: The team of "C.C.Ortigia" Syracusa

The team of "C.C.Ortigia" in 1977. Lavaggi, Gentile, Circo, Piazza, Parisini, Salonia, Breschi II, Albo (ass. coach), S.Di Caro, Mancuso, Breschi I, Boccadifuoco, Cassia. Missing from the picture: Romolo Parodi (coach).
Source: "C.C.Ortigia" 75 years; 1928-2003

1972: The team of "C.C.Ortigia" Syracusa

The team of "C.C.Ortigia" in 1972. Gentille, Risita, Moscuzza, Comitini, Motta, Lavaggi, Mirisola (, Piazza, Dell'Aquila, S.Piazza, Sal0nia,Boccadifuoco. Coach-player(missing from the picture): Romolo Parodi.
"C.C.Ortigia" 75 years; 1928-2003

1960's: The juniors of "C.C.Ortigia"

The Juniors team of "Circolo Canottieri Ortigia" in early 1960's. The team: Lo Bello Jr., Mirisola, Ignori, Baio, Cannizaro, Mazza, Gaspari, Bongiovanni, Barca.
Source: "C.C.Ortigia" 75 years; 1928-2003

1960's: The team of "C.C.Ortigia" Syracusa

The team of "Circolo Canottieri Ortigia" in early 1960's. The team: C.Bonacic (coach), Norcia, Sciotto, Serra, Russo, Mirisola, Zimmitri, Rispoli, Lupo, Lo Bello Jr., Rizza and Mirabella. At the time the team was still participating at the C' Division of Italian Championship.
Source: "C.C.Ortigia" 75 years; 1928-2003

1958: Match by night at "Sette scogli", Syracusa

The stands of "Sette scogli" full of spectators following a Water Polo match in Syracusa, Italy 1958.
Source: "C.C.Ortigia" 75 years; 1928-2003

1958: Match by night at "Sette scogli", Syracusa

Water Polo match by night at the field of "Sette scogli" in Syracusa, Italy 1958.
Source: "C.C.Ortigia" 75 years; 1928-2003

1955: The Juniors of "C.C.Ortigia"

The Juniors team of "Circolo Canottieri Ortigia" in 1955 composed from: Norcia, Franzo, Quadarella, Di Gaetano, Trombatore, Zimmitri, Rizza.
Source: "C.C.Origia", 75 years; 1928-2003

1957: International tournament "Sette scogli"

The team of "C.C.Ortigia" during the first International tournament held in Syracusa at "Sette scogli" with the participation of National team of Malta, Jadran Split and Ortigia.
Source: "C.C. Ortigia" 75 years; 1928-2003

1955: The team of "C.C. Ortigia"

A formation of "Circolo Canottieri Ortigia", Syracusa Italy during the 50's. In 1952 the team changed its name from "Aretusa" to "C.C. Ortigia". At the time the venue of Ortigia was the area "sette scogli" which Lo Bello managed to equip with night lighting offering a great possibility to organize night competition, attracting thus numerous spectators. Source: "C.C. Ortigia" 75 years (1928-2003)

1951: "C.C.Ortigia", Italy of Concetto Lo Bello

The pioneers team of "Circolo Canottieri Ortigia", Syracusa, Italy in 1951. (at the time the club was called "Aretusa"). The players: Genovese, Mirabella, Piazza, Bongiovanni, Formosa, Pulvirenti, Catena. Coach of the team is Concetto Lo Bello who late became a famous football referee and President of the Club from 1955 to 1976.
Source: "C.C. Ortigia" 75 years (1928-2003)

1948, London: The torch enters the Empire Stadium

The final runner in the torch relay enters the Empire Stadium during the London, 1949 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and stands in salute beneath the scoreboard on which were Baron de Coubertin's words surmounted by three Olympic flags.
Official report London, 1948 Olympic Games

1948, London: Hungary beats Great Britain

July 31st: Hungary beats Great Britain by 11 goals to 2 at the Empire Pool, Wembley, during London, 1948 Olympic Games.
Photo: Hungary scoring against Great Britain in the match at the Empire Pool which they won 11-2.
Hungary: Gyorffy, E.; Holop, M.; Fabian, D.; Szittya, K.; Csuvik, O.; Szivos, I.; Gyarmati, D.
Great Britain: Johnson, J.; Potter, R.; Murray, D.; Hardie, P.; Brand, C; Garforth, R.; Gentleman, R.
Goal Judges: F. Roggionne (Italy); J. Houwaert (Holland). Referee: A. H. Verhoeff (Holland). Timekeeper: A. Foulon (France).
Source: Official report London, 1948 Olympic Games

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1948, London: Nederlands vs Spain at Finchley

A general view of the open air pool at Finchley during a match between Netherlands and Spain, at London, 1948 Olympics. Finchley Pool was chosen for the preliminary rounds of the Water Polo as it had the advantage of a sufficient area and depth to conform to FINA regulations. This picture shows clearly the way the Water Polo was played at the time. The couples are well spread apart into the field either defending or attacking only, without moving up and down.
August 2nd: Netherlands beat Spain by 5 goals to 2 at Finchley.
Netherland: Salomons, P.; Korevaar, C; Braasem, C.; Keetelaar, H.; Smol, F.; Van Feggelen, R.; Ruimchotel, A. Spain: Serra Liobet, J.; Falp Mont, C.; Pujol Coma, J.; Marti Arenas, C; Sabate Figa, A.; Mestres Rivas, A.; Castillo Caupana, F.
Goal Judges: J. Papadakis (Greece); W. Marty (Switzerland). Referee: R. Hodgson (Great Britain). Timekeeper: A. G. Taylor (Great Britain).
Source: Official report London, 1948 Olympic Games

1948, London: Greece marching at Wembley

The Greek delegation marching at the Wembley Stadium during the opening ceremony of London, 1948 Olympic Games.
Source: "The glory of Sport"; Municipality of Athens

1948, London: The National team of Greece

The National Water Polo team of Greece that took part at London, 1948 Olympic Games. This has been the 3rd time that Greek Water Polo was competing at the Olympics. Standing L-R: Dimitrios Zografos (Aris Thessaloniki), Igor Pavlov-Melanofridis (Paleo Faliro), Panagiotis Chatzikyriakakis (Ethnicos Piraeus), Dick Brousalis (Paleo Faliro), Dimosthenis Stamboulis (N.C. Patras), Yiannis Papastephanou (N.C. Patras), Papadakis (Team Manager). Seated L-R: Takis Provatopoulos (Olympiacos Piraeus), Alekos Monastiriotis (Olympiacos Piraeus), Manolis Papadopoulos (Olympiacos Piraeus). Greece lost against France with 7-1 and Argentine 6-2.
Source: Archive of Mr. Dimitrios Zografos.

1948, London: Greece vs Argentine

Photo: Greece scoring their 2nd goal against the Argentine in the match at the Empire Pool Wembley, which they lost 6-2. (July 30th, 1948).
Greece: Monastiriotis A., Papastephanou J, Zografos D., Provatopoulos D., Stambolis D. Papadopoulos E., Melanofridis N.
Argentina: Maidana R., Szabo L., Prono H., Codaro O., Visentin C., Viscentotin M., Fliberti A.
Referee: Bela Rajki (Hungary).
Source: Official Report, London 1948, Olympic Games

1948, London: The poster of the Games

The official poster of London, 1948 Olympic Games. The hands of the famous "Big Ben" are pointing to 4 o'clock, the time at which the opening of the Games was planned- accompanied by the Olympic rings. In the foreground, there was the drawing of the statue of the "Discobolus" (classical icon of the discus thrower from Ancient Greece).

1947: Players of "A.S. Aris" Thessaloniki

The players of "Athlitikos Syllogos Aris", Thessaloniki in 1947. From L-R: Totos Papazoglou, Nikos Papageorgiou, Lolos Meimaridis, Petros Vasilakos and Sambou.
Source: "A.S. Aris" 1914-2004; archive of Mr. Meimaridis

1946: The team of "A.S. Aris" Thessaloniki

The team of "Athlitikos Syllogos Aris", Thessaloniki in 1946. From L-R: Nikos Samaras, Thanasis Saxonis, Lolos Meimaridis, Solomon Saltiel, Takis Charpidis, Menelaos Chatzigeorgiou.
Source: "A.S. Aris" 1914-2004; archive of Mr. Meimaridis

1944: Water Polo match in Thessaloniki, Greece

Water Polo match between the teams of Thessaloniki, Greece "A.S.Aris" and "Aias" in front the facilities of "Aris" by the Miramare baths, in 1944.
Source: "A.S.Aris" 1914-2004; Archive of Mr. Dimitrios Zografos

1932: The 4th title of "A.S.Aris", Thessaloniki

The team of "Athlitikos Syllogos Aris", Thessaloniki winner of his 4th Greek Championship in 1932. The team of "Ethnicos Piraeus" won the 1931 Championship. This has been the last title won by the team of Aris, since Olympiacos Piraeus won the 1933 and 1934 Championships and the team of "N.C. Patras all the titles from 1935 up to 1946 (No Championships were held from 1941 to 1944 due to World War II).
From L-R: Stelios Dimitriou, Dimitrios Sarris, Pavlos Zombos, Fotis Zografos, Themistoklis Saroglou, Agisilaos Zografos and Efthymios Efthymiou.
Source: "A.S. Aris" 1914-2004; archive of Mr. Zombos

1930: The Champions of "A.S.Aris" Thessaloniki

The team of "Athlitikos Syllogos Aris", Thessaloniki winner of the 3rd Greek Championship in 1930. The team won the 2nd Championship in 1929 as well. From L-R: Stelios Dimitriou, Dimitrios Sarris, Pavlos Zombos, Ioannis Varsamis, Fotis Zografos, Agisilaos Zografos, Efthymios Efthymiou.
Source: "A.S. Aris" 1914-2004; archive of Mr. Zombos

1928: "A.S.Aris", winner of the 1st Greek Championship

The legendary Water Polo team of "Athlitikos Syllogos Aris", Thessaloniki winner of the 1st official Greek Championship in 1928. Standing up L-R: Ioannis Seletaris, Dimitris Sarris. Middle L-R: Kostas Petridis, Fotis Zografos, Kimon Giannakou, Nakas. Fronr row L-R: Yiannis Varsamis, Pavlos Zombos, Stelios Dimitriou and Ippokratis Zografos.
Source: "A.S. Aris" 1914-2004; archive of Mr. Varsamis

1927: The team of "A.S. Aris" Thessaloniki

The Water Polo team of "Athlitikos Syllogos Aris", Thessaloniki, Greece winner of the Thessaloniki Championship 1927. The Greek Swimming Federation has been established in 1927 and the first official National Championship has been organized in 1928. Standing L-R: Kimon Giannakou, Loukidis, K.Petridis, unknown, unknown. Seating L-R: P.Petridis, Dimitris Hiliadis, D. Papakarakis. Missing from the picture: S.Dimitriou, M.Loukidis, E.Loukidis, S.Klisien, I.Steletaris.
Source: "A.S.Aris"; 1914-2004

1920, Antwerp: The Greek delegation

The Greek delegation prior to the Opening ceremony of Antwerp, 1920 Olympic Games. The Greek Water Polo team participated for the 1st time to Olympics composed by: Pandelis Psychas, Andreas Assimakopoulos, Georgios Pylavakis, Constandinos Nikolaidis, Constandinos Nikolaidis, Michalis Tsamis, Aristidis Rousias, Savas Mavridis, Dionisios Vasilopoulos and Nikolaos Baltatzis-Mavrokordatos. Greece won against Italy with 6-1 and lost against USA with 7-0.
Source: "The glory of Sport"; Municipality of Athens

1912: The pioneers of "Panellinios G.S", Greece

The pioneers Water Polo team of "Panellinios Gymnasticos Syllogos" in 1912. This early picture, that belongs to the Sports Museum of Athens Municipality, records probably the 1st ever Greek Water Polo team. Greece was present for the 1st time at the Olympics of Antwerp 1920 and then at Paris 1924. The Greek Swimming Federation has been established in 1927 and the 1st official National competition was held in 1928.
Source: "The glory of Sport"; Municipality of Athens

1910's: First Water Polo match in Greece

A picture of one of the first Water Polo matches held in Greece, early 1910's, at the bay of Faliron, Piraeus. This has been about the same area where the swimming competitions of the Athens 1896 Olympics took place.
Source: History of Greek Sport 1896-1996, General Secretariat of Sports

1896, Athens: Swimming at the 1st Olympic Games

Unique picture of the Athens, 1896 Olympic Games swimming competitions held at open sea. Nearly 20,000 spectators were noted to have watched the event, in the bay of Faliron, off the Piraeus coast, on April 11th 1896.
Source: History of Greek Sport 1896-1996, General Secretariat of Sports

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1975: The vice Champions of Civitavecchia

The team of "S.N.C. Chiviatvecchia" Vice Champion of the 1975 Italian Championship and 3rd at the European Competion of Cup winners. Standing L-R: Bertarelli, Coconi, Parisi, M.Simeoni, Del Duca, Piaggio, Biso. Seated: R.Simeoni, Pucci, Olimpieri, Fiorentini. Coach of the team: Roldano Simeoni.
Source: magazine "Il mondo del Nuoto", 1998

1981: The Champions of "R.N.Bogliasco", Italy

The team of "Rari Nantes Bogliasco" winner of the Italian Championship of 1981. This has been the only Seniors National title won by Bogliasco. Within the team is the legendary Eraldo Pizzo at the age of 43.....The team: Gandolfi, Pizzo, Ragosa, Bormida, Di Fiore, Jervasutti, Costa, Roncan, Collina, Cochiere, Re and Migliorini. Coach of the team: Angelo "Vio" Marciani.
Eraldo Pizzo in 1982 returned to Pro-Recco and won his last Italian Championship, conluding his glorious carrier.
Source: magazine "Il mondo del Nuoto";Claudio Den Vecchio, 1998

1978, Berlin: Gianni De Magistris, top scorer

The legendary Italian Gianni De Magistris top scorer at Berlin, 1978 World Championships with 17 goals.
Source: magazine "Il Mondo del Nuoto" 1998

1978, Berlin: The World Champions of Italy

The Italian National team, coached by Gianni Lonzi, winner of the gold medal at Berlin 1978, World Championships. Ranking: 1. Italy, 2. Hungary, 3. Yugoslavia. The games of Italy: Australia 6-5, USSR 5-5, Canada 4-2, Romania 7-2, USA 4-4, Yugoslavia 6-5, USSR 5-4 and Yugoslavia 4-4. From L-R: De Magistris, Alberani, Simeoni, Barachini, Marsili, Fondelli, Ghibellini, Galli, Ragosa, Collinia, Scotti Galletta.
Source: magazine "Il monod del Nuoto", 1998