Tuesday, December 25, 2012

1926: Portuguese final “Nacional” Vs “Maritimo”

Another picture of final of the Portuguese Championship in the port of Funchal in the island of Madeira in 1926, won by Nacional.   
Source: Portugal; Eco dos Sports #28, 1926 Courtesy of “Lisbon Collectors”

1926: Portuguese final “Nacional” Vs “Maritimo”

Final of the Portuguese Championship in the port of Funchal in the island of Madeira in 1926. Alfredo Raria of Nacional handling the ball while Gabriel of Maritimo tries to stop him. Andrade (Nacional), and Quintino (Maritimo), Juza and Guvela (Maritimo).
Source: Portugal; Eco dos Sports #28, 1926 Courtesy of “Lisbon Collectors”

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1955: The team of Melville ASC, Perth

The team of Melville Amateur Swimming Club of Perth in 1955. Standing L-R: L. Widdicombe, B. Sharp, J. Widdicombe, P.Bell, J. Bradley, J. Evans, B. Freeman. 
Source: Archives Melville Water Polo Club 

1951: The team of Melville ASC, Perth

The team of Melville Amateur Swimming Club of Perth in 1951. Standing L-R: P. Colleran, A. Prowse, R. Black, D. Faulds, R. Campell, F.Widdcombe, J.Stewart.
Source: archives Melville Water Polo Club 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

1976, Montreal: The golden team of Hungary

The team of Hungary gold winner at Montreal 1976 Olympic Games. The team: Edre Molnar, Dr. Istvan Szivos, Tamas Farrago, Dr. Laszlo Sarosi, Gyorgy Horkai, Gabor Csapo, Attila Sudar, Gyorgy Kenez, Gyorgy Gerendas, Dr. Ferenc Konrad and Tibor Cservenyak.
Source: private collection 

Friday, October 19, 2012

1956: The national team of Yugoslavia

The National team of Yugoslavia prior to Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games. Lovro Stakula (coach), Dragoslav Siljak, Jani Barle, Boris Cuvkas, Gojko Arneri, Ivo Cipci, Zoran Jankovic, Zlatko Simenc, Uros Roje, Ivo Stakula Kovendic, Miro Cirkovic, Juraj Amsel, Hvorje Kacic, Tomislav Franjkovic, Bozo Grinic (trainer), Antun Nardelli, Vladimir Ivkovic, Lovro Radonic, Bosko Buksanovic, Zdravko Kovacic, Zdravko Jezic.
Source: A century of Croatian Water Polo 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

1981: Cuba winner at the University Games

The National team of Cuba, winner at the University Games held in Bucharest Romania in 1981. 
Source: magazine “Il mondo del Nuoto”

Monday, October 1, 2012

1906: The team of Princeton University.

The team of Princeton University, New Jersey in 1906
Source: public domain 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1959: The team of Olympiacos Pireaus

The team of Olympiacos Piraeus, finalist in the 1959-60 Greek Championship of 1st Division. Among the players we recognize Babis Moutsatsos, Makis Charitos and Dinos Mourtzis.
Source: http://babismoutsatsos.com/

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1954: The winners of Singapore

The team of Singapore gold winner at the 2nd Asian Games in Manila, 1954. The team: Kee Soon Bee (Captain), Tan Hwee Hock, Gan Eng Teck, Tan Eng Bock, Keith Mitchell, Oh Chwee Hock, Wiebe Wolters and Oh Kian Bin.
Source: courtesy of Marcus Ng 

1967: The team of CN Posillipo in A’ division

The team of CN Posillipo that took part for the first time in the A' Category of the Italian Championship in 1967. Standing L-R: Marra, V. D'Angelo. Cascinelli, Simonelli, L. Rossi, Di Mehlem Squatting L-R: Morelli, Scaglia, Buonomo, Buonaiuto, L. Chiosi. Missing from the picture the Coach Jobo Kurtini and the team Manager Mario De Rossi.
Source: courtesy of Luigi Chiosi 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1975, Cali: The National team of Italy.

The National Water Polo team of Italy winner of the bronze medal at Cali, 1975 World Championships From L-R:  Franco Russo (massaggiatore), Marcello Del Duca, Roldano Simeoni, Silvio Baracchini, Roberto Castagnola, Luigi Castagnola, Gianni de Magistris, Alessandro Ghibellini, Sante Marsili, Enzo D'Angelo, Mario Scotti Galletta and Alberto Alberani.
Source: courtesy of Luigi Castagnola 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

1980, Moscow: The Greek Yiannis Vossos in action

The charismatic Greek goalkeeper Yiannis Vossos in the game of Greece vs Netherlands 7-8 at Moscow 1980 Olympics. Yiannis Vossos defended the cage of Greece at the Moscow 1980 and the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games.
Source: Greek magazin "Thalassia Sport & Piscina", September 1980

1912: The team of Brighton SC advertizing OXO.

The team of Brighton Swimming Club while advertising a nutritional product in 1912. We read at the bottom: "They bathe in the open sea all year round. They specially posed for the above photograph in appreciation of the stimulating and warming power of OXO".

1968, Mexico: Tetunosuke Ishii in action

The goalkeeper of Japan Tetsunosuke Ishii in action in the game of Japan against the Netherlands in Mexico 1968 Olympic Games

1976, Montreal: The Dutch goalie Evert Kroon in action

The goalkeeper of Netherland Evert Kroon in the game of Hungary vs Netherlands 5-3 at Montreal 1976 Olympics. Kroon defended the cage of Netherland in three Olympic Games 1968, 1972 and 1976.  

1968, Mexico: The Cuban goalie Oscar Periche in action

The goalkeeper of Cuba Oscar Periche in the game of Cuba vs Netherlands 5-8 at Mexico 1968 Olympics. Periche defended the cage of Cuba into four Olympic Games 1968, 1972, 1976 and 1980.

1937: Bandy Zolyomy with Rari Nantes Napoli

The legendary Bandy Zolyomy (seated with the bathrobe) coach and player of Rari Nantes Napoli in 1937.

1914: Match into a Dutch Canal, World War One

Water Polo match into a Dutch Canal during the 1st World War 1914-1918 (Behind the Western front) . 
(During the war, the Netherlands had remained neutral, something that had been a principle of Dutch foreign politics for some time. The Dutch army was, however, mobilised to defend its own territory. Furthermore, the Netherlands had to deal with the peripheral effects of the war. Large numbers of Belgian refugees had to be taken in, in temporary camps, among other places. Unemployment rose due to the fall in international trade and the sinking (by torpedoes) of many merchant vessels. Food became scarce and rationing was introduced. In 1917 and 1918, despairing housewives plundered food stocks in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

1920: The team of Buchholzer Schwimmverein

The team of Bucholzer Schwimmverein in 1920

1922: Match between Buchholzer SV and Annaberg SV

Match between the teams of Bucholzer SV and Annaberg SV in 1922. Annaberg-Buchholz  is a town in the Free State of Saxony, Germany

1928 : The Champions of H.Z. & P.C. Zian, Den Haag

The Women’s team of H.Z & P.C Zian of Den Haag Champions of Netherlands in 1928.

1966, Utrecht: Soviet Union vs West Germany 4-2.

The teams of West Germany and Soviet Union lining up for presentation before their game in Utrecht 1966 European Championships (23 August 1966). The West German team, ranked 7th at Utrecht, lost the game 4-2 against the Soviet Union winner of the European title. The Soviet players: Vadim Gulyaev, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Boris Grishin, Iosif Zemsov, Vladimir Shmudsky, Vladimir Semenov, Boris Popov, Valeri Pushkarev, Aleksandr Dolgushin, Leonid Osipov, Igor Grabovsky.

1966, Utrecht: The National team of Italy

The Italian team that took part in Utrecht 1966 European Championships ending in the 4th place. From L-R: Alberto Alberani, Alessandro Ghibellini, Mino Marsilli, Enzo Barlocco, Alberto Spinola, Franco Lavoratori, Giancarlo Guerrini, Gianni Lonzi, Mario Cevasco, Eugenio Merello, Eraldo Pizzo.
Source: http://www.gahetna.nl, (names retrieved with the assistance of Milena Meneghin)

1887: Aquatic Foot-Ball at Brighton West Pier

Poster annoucing an "Aquatic Foot-Ball" match within the Brighton West Pier Festival on September, 14th 1887. 
Source: http://www.historyextra.com/brighton

1881: "Aquatic tea party" at Brighton

Engraving presenting an "Aquatic tea party" at Brighton in 1881....
Source: http://www.historyextra.com/brighton

1956, Melbourne: The National team of Singapore.

The National team of Singapore that took part at Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games: David Lim, Thio Gim Hock, Lionel Chee, Eric Yeo, Gan Eng Teck, Wiebe Wolters, Tan Eng Bock, Skip Wolters, Oh Chwee Hock, Lim Teck Pan

1964: Olympic Flash Card# 39 "WELCOME Tarzan"

Olympic Flash Card# 39  offered by the French "Chewing gum WELCOME Tarzan et Johnny" in view of the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games.
Source: public domain

Friday, August 24, 2012

1960: The Champions of Fullerton College

The team of Fullerton College, Eastern Conference Champion in 1960. Bottom L-R: Tony Daless, Bob Horvath, Ron Davis, Dave Lewis, Mike Forbes. Middle L-R: Kelly Herold, Bill Heede, Jeff Peck, Stan Sprague (captain), Jim Butch, Frank Harlan. Top L-R: Coach Jimmy Smith, Ron Malandra (Assistant Manager), Doug Schiel, Bob Hovey, Roy McMichael, Russ Jackson, John Ferguson, Dennis Nelson, Dick Katz (Manager). (Missing: Jack Currie, Dick Patterson, Bob Strauch, Jack Stevens).

1955: Rule book printed in Argentina

Cover of a Water Polo rule book printed in Argentina in 1955. 
Source: public domain 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1960: The Champions of Antofagasta, Chile.

The team of Antofagasta Champion of Chile in the 1960's. Back L-R: Alexis Rovira, Tomicic Barrera, Juan Garafulic Alfred, Vicente Paz and...Front L-R: Jaime Shedan,..., ..., .., Hugo Metzdorf (Coach), Jalil Tala, Rodolfo Covarrubias, Miguel Cornejo.
Source: picture by Miguel Cornejo http://www.flickr.com/photos/ljubs/5923524024/

1940's: The team of Antofagasta of Chile.

The team of Antofagasta, Chile in the 1940's. Standing L-R: Esteban Skornic, Jorge Northland, Milenko Skornic; Squatting L-R: Carlos Ossandon, Raúl Martinez, Orlando Dueñas, Alfonso Martínez.

1965: The US team winner at the Maccabiah Games.

The US team coached by the legendary Uhro "Whitey" Saari winner of the 1965 Maccabiah Games.
Source: public domain

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1945: The Champions of "Gimnasia y Esgrima"

The team of “Gimnasia y Esgrima”, Buenos Aires Champion of Argentina in 1945. From L-R: L.Diez, E.Fraga, J.Farulla, N.Caputo, L.Szabo, R.Ramicone, R.Leyendo, E.Carmaccio, J.Avalos Noguera, M.Pegasano.
Source: magazine “El Grafico” March 1945

1903: The team of St Helens, Liverpool.

The team of St Helens, Liverpool finalist at the 1903 British National Championship. Back row: Manning, Seath, Smith, Turner, McKay, Lomax. Front row: Lomax, Lawrenson, Sharrocks, Walker, Phythian. 
Source: The Black and White Illustrated Budget.  

1954: The team of Syros Nautical Club

The team of Syros Nautical Club (Cyclades, Greece) in 1954. Among the players appears as a guest star the legendary Greek player of Ethnicos Piraeus and the Greek National team Andreas Garyfallos. Standing L-R: Skevofylakas, Garyfallos, Markouizos Vaggelis, Mendakis, Athymaritis, Hatzikyriakakis. Squatting L-R: Markouizos Nikos, Maraggos.
Source: Archives of Syros Nautical Club; courtesy of Dimitris Gryparis, Rania Kritikou

1948: Match in the port of Syros island, Greece

Water Polo match in the port of Syros island, Cyclades Greece in 1948.
Source: Archives of Syros Nautical Club; courtesy of Dimitris Gryparis, Rania Kritikou 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

1920: The Antwerpsche Zwemclub

The team of Antwerpsche Zwemclub at the venue of swimming and Water Polo at Antwerp 1920 Olympic Games. 
Source: http://www.erfgoedplus.be/

1924: The Champions of Antwerpsche Zwemclub

The team of Antwerpsche Zwemclub Champion of Belgium in 1924: M. Blitz, A. Maas, P. Dewin, J. De Combe, P.Nijs, H. Elzendoorn, P. Vermetten, G. Blitz
Source: http://www.erfgoedplus.be/

1920, Antwerp: The team of Netherlands

The team of Netherlands that took the 5th place at the Antwerp 1920 Olympic Games: Karel Struijs, Karel Kratz, Karel Meijer, George Cortlever, Piet Plantinga, Gé Bohlander, Jean van Silfhout, Piet van der Velden, Leen Hoogendijk
Source: http://www.erfgoedplus.be/

1920, Antwerp: The team of Brazil

The team of Brazil that took the 6th place at the Antwerp 1920, Olympic Games: Agostinho Sampaio de Sá, Orlando Amendola, Victorino Fernandes, Abrahão Soliture, João Jório, Angelo Gammaro, Alcides de Barros Paiva, Carlos Lopes, Edgard Ribeiro.
Source: http://www.erfgoedplus.be/

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1977: The Champions of Alphense Zwem Club.

The team of Alphense Zwem Club (AZC) winner of the Dutch Championship in 1977. Standing L-R: George Geurtsen (coach), Frank vd Akker, Cees vd Broek, Ton Buunk, Hans t Hart, Gijze Strooboer. Kneeling L-R: Eric Noordegraaf, Geza Kaltenecker, Ronald Meijer, Wim Keman en Ruud de Hey.
Source: courtesy of Eric Noordegraaf

1970: Medal of Barcelona European Championships

Medal of the 1970 European Championship held in Barcelona, Spain
Source: public domain

1962: Leipzig European Championship, ticket

Ticket of the European Championships held at Leipzig, East Germany in 1962.
Source: public domain

Sunday, August 12, 2012

1896: First Water Polo game in Wien, Austria

The First Water Polo game in Austria at the Dianabad of Wien, in 1896, published in the newspaper “Illustrieerte Wiener Extrablatt" on March 14, 1896. The match was held between Team A and B; Team A: Christenheit, Fabesch, Fajmayer, Heidelberg, Karner, Kraus, Reinfeld. Team B: Anderle, Balzeweit, Oscar Fried, Paul Fried, Kestler, Lewin and Pogatschnik. Source: 125 Jahre Wasserball Österreich by Gerhard Kreil; courtesy of Takis Kalokerinos.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1984, Los Angeles: The silver team of USA.

The Team of USA that took silver medal at Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games in a picture published in LIFE magazine.Back Row L-R: Jon Svendsen, Peter Campbell, Chris Dorst, Craig Wilson, Andrew McDonald, John Siman, Steve Hammond Middle Row L-R: James Bergeson, Joe Vargas, Jody Campbell, Terry Schroeder. Front Row L-R: Tim Shaw, George Newland, Doug Burke, Kevin Robertson, Gary Figueroa. 
Source: courtesy of Craig Wilson

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1928, Amsterdam: The team of Ireland

The team of Ireland that took part in Amsterdam 1928 Olympic Games. Back Row L- R: Thomas “Hayes” Dockrell (Dublin University SC, Full-back), Lt. Joseph A. O’Connor (RCSI graduate, RAMC, Aldershot Command, Forward); Charles Fagan (Sandycove SC, Forward); Mr A.J. Cullen, President Irish Amateur Swimming Association. Front Row L- R: Norman F. Judd (Dublin SC, Full-back); Michael Anthony O’Connor* (Dublin SC, Captain, Brother of J.A. O’Connor, Half-back); Patrick “Paddy” McClure (Clonard SC, Belfast, Forward); Stanley “Stan” Moore (East End SC, Belfast, Goal).  Missing from the photograph are the two reserves James S. Brady (Sandycove SC, back) and Henry Graham Ellerker (Dublin University SC, forward).
Source: http://www.geheugenvannederland.nl/, Player's identification by Mr. Cyril J Smyth (Fellow Emeritus Chairman DUCAC Sports Centre, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland)

Friday, June 15, 2012

1972: The team of Rari Nantes Sori

The team of Rari Nantes Sori, Italy in 1972: Lino Repetto (Coach), Sergio Cevasco, Nino Bisio, Paolo Colla, Roberto Castagnola, Enrico Gerbò, Giorgio Giancarli, Gualtiero Rappazzo, Beppe Basevi, Andrea Tiro, Maurizio Piaggio and Pino "Scandelin". 
Source: courtesy of Mr. Luigi Castagnola 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

1908, London: The silver team of Belgium.

The team of Belgium, winner of silver medal at London 1908 Olympic Games. Back row L-R: Victor Boin, Albert Michant, Oscar Gregoire. Middle row L-R: Herman Meyboon, Fernand Feyaerts, C.Wirtz. Front: Joseph Pletinckx. 
Source: public domain 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

1923: Water Polo in the United States

Beginning in 1890 softball water polo was played in the United States until 1935. The American softball style was developed to suit the small pools that were common then in the United States. There were few rules and any player within 4 yards of the goal could be tackled whether he had the ball or not. Goals were scored by touching goal boards 4 feet long by 1 foot high, at each end of the pool. This is the version of the sport that was played at the 1904 Olympic Games, in St. Louis and explains why only American teams were entered. Filmed at the New York Athletic Club and Boston Athletic Club.
Source: courtesy of Bruce Wigo; International Swimming Hall of Fame

Monday, April 30, 2012

1908: The Juniors team of Exeter SW

The Juniors team of Exeter Swimming Club winner of the Devon County Junior Championship in 1908. Back L-R: G.Davey, W.Spear, E.Davey, T.Williams. Middle L-R: P.Matthews, A.L.Matthews, G.Heath (Capt.), A.V.Call, L.Lewis (Hon.Sec) Fron L-R: F.Gamble, W.Bennelick. 
Source: Wester Times, February 14, 1908