Sunday, July 19, 2015

1976: The Champions of Rari Nantes Florentia

The team of Rari Nantes Florentia (Algida) winner of the Italian Championship in 1976.  This was the 8th National title, twenty-eight years after the last one in 1948. Standing L-R: Claudio Rossi, Riccardo De Magistris, Luca Pierantini, Furio Ferri, Gianni De Magistris, Gianni Versari. Squatting L-R: Franco Goggioli, Andrea Bruschini, Leonardi Cecchi, Maurizio Sorbetti, Umberto Panerai.
Source: private collection

Monday, July 13, 2015

1932, Los Angeles: The National team of Japan

The National team of Japan, prior to departing for the Los Angeles 1932 Olympic Games. Seating L-R: Shuji Doi, Yatsuro Sakauye, Akira Fujita, Takashige Matsumoto and Ryuji Takebayashi. Standing L-R: Kiyoshi Murai, Iwao Tokitoh, Seibei Kimura and Toksuke Sawumi.  The Japanese  team was ranked 4th in Los Angeles 1932 Olympics.

Monday, July 6, 2015

1977: Hungary winner in Jonkoping

The team of Hungary winner in Jonkoping, Sweden 1977 European Championships. The team: Gabor Csapo, Tamas Farago, Gyurgy Gernedas, Gyorgy Kenez, Istvan Magas, Endre Molnar, Miklos Somossy, Janos Steunmetz, Attila Sudar, Istvan Szivos, Piter Wolf and Tamas Wiesner. Coach of the team Dezso Gyarmanti assisted by Gyorgy Karpati. Source: personal collection

1955: The team of Dynamo Moscow

The team of Dynamo Moscow in 1955. First row L-R: Vasily Karmanov, Pyotr Mshvenieradze (captain), N. Malin (Head Coach) and Mikhail Ryzhak, Nador Gvakharia; Second row L-R: Yuri Shlyapin Anatoliy Kartashov, Vladimir Arkhipov, Nikolai Malin, L.A. Pushchinskiy (Coach), Georgy Kharebov and Zurab Chachava.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

1959: The team of Dynamo Moscow

The team of Dynamo Moscow in 1959. From R-L: coach N. Malin, Pyotr Mshvenieradze, Georgy Kharebov, Michael Ryzhak , Boris Grishin, Yuri Shlyapin, Anatoliy Kartashov, Yuri Grigorovskiy, Vladimir Novikov, Vasiliy and Nikolai Maltsev


1955: The legendary Cesare Rubini in action

The technical skills of Cesare Rubini, gold winner with Italy in London 1948 Olympics analysed by the Soviets in 1955.
Source :

1968, Mexico: Ivo Trumbic in action

Ivo Trumbic the legendary player of Yugoslavia, in action, during Mexico 1968 Olympic Games
Source : private collection

1959: The team Moscow, winner of Spartakiade

The team of Moscow winner of the 1959 Sparatakiad, composed by players of Dynamo Moscow, CSK Moscow and Torpedo Moscow. First row L-R: Boris Goikhman Anatoliy Kartashov, Vladimir Novikov Vyacheslav Kurennoj. Second row L-R: Michael Ryzhak Peter Mshvenieradze, Vladimir Semyonov, Boris Grishin, Coach Nikolay Malin, Victor Ageev, Valentin and Yuri Prokopov Grigorovskiy.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

1971: The Champions of Canottieri Napoli

The team of Canottieri Napoli, Champions of Italy in 1973. Standing L-R: Mario Scotti Galletta, Enzo D’Angelo., Paolo De Crescenzo,  Ciociò D’Urso, Renato Notarangelo, Vincenzo Simonetti, Nando Lignano. Seated L-R: Guido Criscuolo, Gualtiero Parisio , Silvano Forte, MassimoDe Crescenzo.
Source: Courtesy Bruno Cufino

1949: The team of Paleo Faliro, Greece

The team of Paleo Faliro (AOPF), Greece during the 1949 National Greek Championship held in the island of Mytilene. From L-R: Lazaridis, Kalliabetsos, Melanofridis, Brousalis, Georgiou, Petropoulow, Sousmazian.
Source: Archives of Paleo Faliro AOPF

1923: The Orange Free State, South Africa

The team of Orange Free State, South Africa in 1923. Standing L-R: A. Mackenzie, C. Shaw, E.G. Cooper, J.D. Robertson and Mr J.B. Ryan. Seated L-R: J. A. Cooke, I. Botha, D. Jessup and W. F. Waldeck
Source: courtesy South African Waterpolo History 

Friday, March 27, 2015

1962: The team of Panathinaicos A.O , Greece

The team of Panathinaicos  Athlitikos Omilos, Greece coached by the Yugoslavian Vigo Cietkovic on 1962.
Source: Athlitiki Echo archives

1968: The Olympic winners meet President Tito

President Tito receives the National team players of Yugoslavia, golden winners in Mexico 1968 Olympic Games
Source: Yugopapir, Photo Arena, May 1968

Thursday, March 26, 2015

1972, Munich: The National team o Yugoslavia

The National team of Yugoslavia that took part in Munich 1972 Olympic Games. Dusan Antunovic, Ozren Bonacic, Uros Marovic, Ronald Lopatny, Mirko Sandic, Zoran Jankovic, Sinisa Belamaric, Karlo Stipanic, Ratko Rudic, Milos Markovic, Ratko Rudic, Djordje Perisic.
Source: Yugopapir, Photo Arena, May 1968 

1968: The National team o Yugoslavia

The National team of Yugoslavia prior to win the gold medal  in Mexico 1968 Olympic Games. Standing L-R: Bonasic, Lopatni, Matovic, Sandic, Trumbic, Perisic. Squatting L-R: Hebel, Miskov, Jankovic, Stipanic, Poljak.
Source: Yugopapir, Photo Arena, May 1968 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

1922: The team of Penarth, Wales

The team of Penarth Swimming and Water Polo Club, Cardiff, Wales in 1922.
Source: private collection

1928: The team of Patras Nautical Club

The team of Patras Nautical Club – Greece in 1928
Source: courtesy of Takis Kalokairinos 

1928: The team of Panahaici G.E, Patras

The team of Panachaiki Gymnastiki Enosi, Patras – Greece  in 1928
Source: courtesy of Takis Kalokairinos 

1928: The team of Olympiakos Patron, Greece

The team of Olympiacos Patron, Greece in 1928
Source: courtesy of Takis Kalokairinos 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

1954: The team of VK Jug, Dubrovnik.

The 1954 team of VK Jug, Dubrovnik.
Source: Prvenstvo Drzave u Vaterpolu, 1954

1946: The Juniors of HAVK "Mladost" Zagreb

The Juniors team of HAVK "Mladost", Zagreb in 1946.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1954: The team of Mladost Zagreb

The team of "Mladost Zagreb” in 1954
Source: Prvenstvo Drzave u Vaterpolu, 1954

1954: The team of Jadran Hercegnovi

The 1954 team of "Jadran Hercegnovi", Montenegro.
Source: Prvenstvo Drzave u Vaterpolu, 1954

Saturday, March 14, 2015

1953: Yugoslavia winner of “Trofeo Italia”

The team of Yugoslavia winner of the “Tofeo Italia” held at Nijmegen, Netherlands in 1953. From L-R: Lovro Radonic, Bosko Vuksanovic, Zdravko Jezic, Ivo Kurtini, Zdravko Kovacic, Veljko Bakasun, Ivo Stakula.
Source: Prvenstvo Drzave u Vaterpolu, 1954 

Friday, March 13, 2015

1909: Water Polo in the wooden pool of Gouda.

Water Polo match in the wooden pool of Gouda, Netherlands in 1909.

1948, London: The National team of Australia

The National team of Australia in London 1948 Olympic Games composed by: Colin French, Roger Cornforth, Arthur Burge, Les MacKay, Ben Dalley, Eric Johnson, Leon Ferguson, Jack Ferguson.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

1964, Tokyo: Igor Grabovsky in action

Igor Vladimirovich Grabovsky member of the Soviet team which won the bronze medal in  Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games ready to stop a shot by the Hungarian Zoltán Dömötör  (#4)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

1984, Los Angeles: The bronze team of West Germany

The National team of West Germany, winner of bronze medal in Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games. Standing L-R: Roele, Loebb  ,Otto, Osselmann, Hope, Chalmowsky, Boleber (Physio), Haas( Team Manager), Firoiu (Head Coach). Kneeling L-R: Huber, Teismann, Stamm, Freund, Fernandes, Obschernikat and Schroeder.
Source: courtesy of Nico Firoiu

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1963: The Champions of Transvaal Water Polo

The team of Transvaal Water Polo Team winner of the 52nd Currie Cup held in Pretoria on 1963. Back row L-R: P. Hugo, G. Knapp, R. Anderson, V. Kabalin. Middle row L-R: R. Pearse, R. Schwartz, T. Burgess, Billy Otto, I. Wright. Front row L-R: I. Lasarow, (Manager), H. Pelser (captain), L. Nahon, G. Bródy (Head Coach, gold winner with Hungary at 1932 Los Angeles and 1936 Berlin Olympic Games).
Source: South African Water Polo History 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

1960, Rome: The National team of South Africa

The National team of South Africa at the 1960 Rome Olympic Games. Back L-R: W.W. Voges, A.T. Brown, S.J.F. Botha, R.C. Tinkler and (W. A. J. “Dutch” Aucamp - Obscured) Front L-R: R.L. Schwartz, F.M. BUTLER (captain), A.A.R. Bulley (manager), L.W.J. Nahon, and R.A. Meredith.
Source: Nico Lamprecht and South African Waterpolo History

1938: The winners of Western Province, South Africa

The 1938 Western Province Water Polo Team. National champions and Currie Cup Winners in Cape Town. Seated L-R: Glegg,S. Collins, P. Herbstein (Manager),I Berkovitch, M. Jurisch. Standing from L-R: F Grühn, R.J.Loydell, L. Maister & D, Collins, Inset J. King
Source: South African Waterpolo History

1936: The Northern Transvaall Team, South Africa

The Northern Transvaal Team winner at the 1936 Currie Cup Championships held in Bulawayo, Rhodesia. Standing L-R: G. N. Van den Berg, S Beales, P. Venter, F. Horn and M. Nykamp. Seated L-R: F. Dyason, A.V. Nunn and D. Miller
Source: South African Waterpolo History

1920: The Natal Team, Champions of South Africa

The 1920 Natal Water Polo team, National Champions, and winners of the 14th Currie Cup tournament held in Durban, South Africa. Standing L-R: C. E. Biggs, W. E. Paull, G. A. Godfrey, R. A. English, and A. Gwillam. Seated L-R: G. A. Morgan, H. C. Greenlees, C. S. “Tic” Brown (captain), G. E. Godfrey and P. Crichton.
Source: South African Waterpolo History

Thursday, February 26, 2015

1902: The Wigan S.C International Water Polo players.

The International players of Wigan Swimming Club, Greater Manchester, England in 1902: J. Critchley, G.Nevinson (Olympic winner, London 1908), T.Saunders, F.V Swift (National team of England 1901), C.S.Smith (goalie, Olympic Winner, London 1908). 
Courtesy: Family archives of Mrs Sally Kendrick

Saturday, February 21, 2015

1977: The Champions of Isfahan city, Iran

The team of Isfahan city, Champion of Iran in 1977. The team: Fereydoun Jalili, Shariat, Yaghoti, Bahram Tavakoli, Hosein Tavakoli, Khaliliyan, Nazari, Movahedi, Raofazar, Masrori.
Source: courtesy Feredouyn Jalili 

1978: The National team of Iran

The National team of Iran in 1978.The players: Fereydoun Jalili, Mohazeb, Movahedi, Shariat, Reza Jalili (Coach),  Eskandari, Yaraghi, Dariush Fakhr, Khaliliyan, Safavi, Tabrizi, Safari, Homayoon Jalili.
Source: courtesy Feredouyn Jalili

1955: The Champion of Teheran City, Iran

The team of Teheran City Champions of Iran in 1955. The team: Amini, Tavakoli, Peydayesh, Mohammadi, Sabaghiyan, Sarshar, Jafarbay, Abdolrahmanzadeh, Garosi, Noritalebi.
Source: courtesy of Fereydoun Jalili

Friday, February 20, 2015

1956: The team of Ethnicos in Vouliagmeni lake

The team of Ethnicos Piraeus in the lake of Vouliagmeni in 1956. Standing 3rd from left the legendary Andreas Garyfallos, known as the Patriarch of Greek Water Polo.
Source: courtesy of Dimitris Kougevetopoulos 

Monday, February 9, 2015

1985: The Junior Champions of USSR.

The Junior National team of USSR, winner at the 1985 World Junior Championship held in Turkey. Standing L-R: Zhukovsky, Tozhdestvenskei, Apanasenko D, Ogorodnikov, Karabutov, Skuratov, Sofronov (Coach), Yury Zaitsev (Manager), Shvedov. Sitting L-R: Goniev, Prokopenko, Gorshkov, Šajdakov
Source: courtesy of Michail Ivanov

1973: The Juniors of USSR

The National Junior team of USSR in 1973.
Source: courtesy Michail Ivanov