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1933: The team of «A.S.Montpensier», Algeria

The 1932/33 Water Polo team of «A.S. Montpensier» that participated to the «Easter Cup», in Algeria North Africa.
Photo: J.P. Pascuito; Source: Pieds-Noirs-d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui n° 83, 1997 ;

1960 : Water Polo match of « A.S. Montpensier » Algeria

This is a photo of 1960 showing an action during a match of “A.S Montpensier” in the Municipal pool of Ruisseau in Algeria, North Africa
Photo : Jacques Auricchio,

1960: «A.S.Montpensier», Champion of Algeria

The 1960 team of «A.S. Montpensier» Champion of Algeria: Standing left to right: Gabriel Conesa, Alizart , Maurice Oualid et Jacques Viaene. Sitting from left: Alimondo, Jean Martinez, X, Marcel Baudier, Robert Nathem.
The team of «A.S. Montpensier», Algeria, North Africa, participated several times into the final phase of the French Championship, facing prestigious French clubs such as: «le Enfants de Neptune de Tourcoing», «Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille », «Chevalier Rose, Marseille », “Nice” , “TOEC Toulouse” etc.
Source: 1. Photo : Jacques Auricchio 2.

1968, Mexico: Water Polo ticket

Another Water Polo competition ticket of Mexico 1968, Olympic Games.
Source: Private collection

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Mirko Sandic: The giant of Yugoslavia

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia on 1942, Mirko Sandic played Water Polo during the years when his country was a dominant international team. Wearing number 10 and being the tallest and biggest player, Sandic was considered to be the most prominent player contributing to his country’s 1968 Olympic gold medal performance of Mexico City and the 1964 Olympic silver medal of Tokyo. He played for Partizan Belgrade winning 11 Yugoslav National Championships, 7 Yugoslav Cups, 5 European Club Championships. Following his retirement as a player, Sandic worked for Yugoslavian Airlines which led to stints as water polo coach of National Teams in Singapore, Malaysia and Egypt. Sandic was elected to membership into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1999. Source:

1984: The team of Egypt coached by Mirko Sandic

The 1984 team of Egypt coached by the legendary Yugoslavian Mirko Sandic (standing first from left).
Source: Private collection

1961: "Pro Recco" Champion of Italy

The team of "Pro Recco" winner of the 1961 Italian Championship. Stading L-R: E. Pizzo, Cevasco, Guidotti, Lavoratori, P. Pizzo (coach). Kneeling L-R: Maraschi, Merello, Giraldi.
Photo: Photo Razeto-Recco;

1950: Match between “S. Nervi” and “R.N. Camogli”

An extraordinary view of the match between “Sportiva Nervi” and “Rari Nantes Camogli”, held into the small port of Nervi, Italy during late 50’s.
Source:, Photo: courtesy Mr. Sponza

1970: The team of "Rari Nantes Napoli"

1970: Departure of the team of "Rari Nantes Napoli" in order to meet Pro Recco in Genova. From the top: Sante Marsili, Mino Marsili, Maurizio Amato, Vittorio Marsili, Enzo D'Angelo, Mimmo Mastrogiovanni, Bruno Caiazzo, Isidoro D'Isanto, the President Roberto Amato, Ettore Chiosi, the coach Ciro Di Sciullo.

1969: The Juniors of “SNC Civitavecchia”, Champions of Italy

The team of “SNC Civitavecchia” that won in Florence on 1969, the final of the Italian Juniors Championship against Sturla with 2-1. The team of the unforgettable maestro “Alfio Flores”: Cianfrini, Tombolelli, Franceschi, Rossi, Tenenti, Villani, Bertarelli, Simeoni M., Spuri.

1960’s: Water Polo match in Honk Kong

Water polo game in progress, at the "Taikoo Pool", of Taikoo Dockyard in Honk Kong, early 1960’s. Taikoo Dockyard was located in the present-day Taikoo Shing and part of Taikoo Place of Qarry Bay on the north shore of Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong
Source: Private collection

1929: Manual of swimming and Water Polo

Lithographed cover of a rare manual presenting swimming, diving and Water Polo. It was published in Greece on 1929.
Source: Personal collection

1959: Yugoslavia - Italy in Herzegnovi

Presentation of the National teams of Yugoslavia and Italy prior to their game for the International tournament held in Hercegnovi, Montenegro 1959.
Source: " Sezdeset Godina Hercegnovskog Jadrana"; Dusan Rasovic

1956: The team of "Jadran Hercegnovi"

The 1956 team of "Jadran Hercegnovi" of Montenegro. From left to right: Trifun Cirkovic, Bozidar Stanisic, Boris Cukvas, Duro Radan, Dragoslav Siljak, Dragan Colovic, Vasilije Cukovic, Bosko Vuksanovic, Ducan Corovic and Dusan Bilas.
Source: "Sezdeset Godina Hercegnovskog Jadrana; Dusan Rasovic.

1960, Rome: Departure of the Olympic Water Polo team of Yugoslavia

The Water Polo team of Yugoslavia prior to their departure with destination the 1960 Rome Olympic Games. Among the players: M. Muskatirovic, H. Kacic, Z. Simenc, Z. Jesic, M.Zuzej, A. Nardelli, B. Stanisic, D. Radan, B. Cukvas, M. Sandic. Yugoslavia was ranked as 4th.
Source: “Sezdeset Godina Hercegnovskog Jadrana”: Dusan Rasovic

1984, Los Angeles: Water Polo ticket

Water Polo ticket of August 10th, 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.
Source: Private collection

1984: Josep Brasco coaching the Greeks

The famous Catalan coach Joseph Brasco while coaching the National team players of Greece, prior to the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games. Among the Greek players: Akis Giannopoulos , Andreas Gounas, Kyriakos Giannopoulos, Dimitris Seletopoulos, Aris Kefalogiannis, Andonis Aronis, Sotiris Stathakis.
Photo: Private collection

1959: Water Polo stamp

Water Polo stamp issued from Soviet Union in 1959 on the occasion of the “Spartakiade Games”.
private collection

1933: The winning team of “HMS London”

The Water Polo team of “HMS London” of the British Royal Navy, winner of the "Cruiser League" 1932-33".

Tan Eng Bock: The “hero” of Singapore

At 18 years old, Tan Eng Bock took part in his first Asian Games in 1954 and won Singapore’s only team gold medal. It was the start of an unforgettable career and a lifelong dedication to Water Polo. At 20 years old, Tan took part in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, cherishing the experience to this day. From 1970 to 1990, under Bock's guidance, the Singapore team dominated the SEA Games. Bock won the title of Coach of the Year in 1977, he has been established in the SSC Hall of Fame beeing considered as one of Singapore’s 50 Greatest Athletes.

1954 Manila: Singapore winner of the 2nd Asian Games

The Water Polo team of Singapore winner of the gold at the 2nd Asian Games in Manila, 1954. The team: Kee Soon Bee (Captain), Tan Hwee Hock, Gan Eng Teck, Tan Eng Bock, Keith Mitchell, Oh Chwee Hock, Wiebe Wolters and Oh Kian Bin.

1972 Munich: Water Polo stamp

Beautiful stamp with Water Polo theme issued by PTT Yugoslavia on the occasion of the Munich 1972 Olympic Games.
Private collection

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1970: The team of “Sportiva Nervi”, Italy

The team of “Sportiva Nervi”, 3rd in the 1970 Italian Championship. Among the players: Imprimo, Castagnola, Soresina, Boccardo, Gandolfi, Barachini. The same year winner was "Pro-Recco" and second the team of "R.N. Sori".

1956, Melbourne: The team of Singapore

The Water Polo team of Singapore that partecipated to the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games. From left to right: Tan Hwee Hock, Barry Mitchell, Gan Eng Teck, Christopher Oh Chwee Hock, Tan Eng Bock, Oh Kian Bin, Wiebe Wolters. Singapore finished 1oth, loosing into the first round from Italy with 7-1 and into the final round from Australia with 3-2.
Photo: Private collection

1923: The team of “HMS Emperor of India”

The Water Polo team of “HMS Emperor of India” on 1923.
"HMS Emperor of India" was a battleship of the British Royal Navy. She was launched on 1913 and joined the Mediterranean Fleet in 1919. She sunk as a target ship in 1931.

1930's: The team of "HMS Vanquisher"

The Water Polo team of "HMS Vanquisher" of the Royal Navy in the 30's. "HMS Vanquisher" was a mine sweeper-built in 1918 and scrapped in 1947.
Source: private collection

1948, London: Italy beats Holland by 4-2 and wins the gold

London 1948, August 7th : Italy beats Holland by 4 goals to 2 at the Empire Pool, Wembley. By winning this match, Italy became Olympic Champions. Italy: Buonocore, P.; Bulgarelli, E.; Rubini, C.; Ognio, G.; Arena, E.; Ghira, A.; Pandolfini, G. Holland: Rohner, J.; Koorevaar, C.; Braasem, C.; Stam, H.; Ruimschotel, A.; Van Feggelen, R.; Smol, F. Goal Judges : W. McCreedy(Eire) and J.Papadakis(Greece). Referee: S.Zuckerman(Sweden.).
Photo: Italy scoring their second goal against Holland on the last day of the Olympic tournament.
Source: London 1948, Olympic Games Official Report

1948, London: Spain wins against India with 11-1

Cover of the Spanish Sport newspaper “Marca” of August 4th 1948 presenting the victory of Spain against India with 11-1 at the Empire Pool, Wembley during the London 1948 Olympic Games. Spain: Serra Liobet, J.; Pujol Coma, J.; Falp Mont, C.; Marti Arenas, C.; Sabata Figa, A.; Mestres Rivas, A.; Castillo Caupana, F. India: Seal, G.; Chatterjee, S.; Das, D.; Nag, S.; Mansoor, I.; Ahir, J. Referee: J. Curren (U.S.A.). (Great Britain).
Coach of the Spanish team that finshed 8th in London, was the legendary Bandy Zoloymy.
Marca”, 1948; private collection

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1933: Front cover of the Spanish magazine “Algo”

Front cover of September 1933 issue of the Spanish magazine “Algo” illustrating a Water Polo player while shooting.
Source: Private collection (magazine Algo; 2 September 1933)

1930’s: Water Polo match in the port of Santander

Water Polo match in the port of Santander, Spain in 1930’s. The port city of Santander is the capital of Cantabria situated on the north coast of Spain between Asturias and the Basque Country.
Source: Private collection

1958: “The Golden Bears” of University of California, USA

The 1958 team of University of California “Golden Bears”: First row, left to right: Will Gassett, Phil McGinn, Chuck Holloway, Dick Olsen, Bruce Keppel. Second row: Ron Rickson, Kenny Lindgren, John Mize, Kirk Bathgate, Larry Stewart. Third row: George Schroth (Head Coach), Dick Johnson, Dave Van Couvering, Art Deleray, Bob Clark.

1931: Water Polo in “Corfu Island”, Greece

1931: Water Polo match in Corfu island of Greece between the crew of “HMS Calypso” and the local team of Nautical Club of Corfu. The match ended with a 4-2 victory of the local team.
HMS Calypso, has been a Royal Navy cruiser built on 1917. During World War II HMS Calypso served in the Home Fleet 1939 and Mediterranean fleet 1940. She was torpedoed and sunk on the 12th June 1940 by the Italian Submarine Bagnlini south of Crete.
Source: Magazine "Nautical Hellas", 1931 Greece; Personal collection

1975: "Club Natacion Barcelona" winner of the Spanish Championship

The team of "Club Natacion Barcelona" winner of the 1975 Spanish Campionship.
Standing from left: Tedeschi (coach), Carmona, Ventura, Castillo, Jané, Esteller. Sitting: Ventura, Fité, Morillo, Rubio, Ventosa, Sole

1934: "Rari Nantes Florentia" Champion of Italy

The 1934 team of "Rari Nantes Florentia" winner of the Italian Championship. Standing from left: Enzo Zabberoni, Nanni Caucia, Guido Zenobi, Giordano Goggioli, Giacomo Signori, Sergio Pichioni. Sitting: Sabino Fiore, Ubaldo Camici and Pino Valle. This was the second Championship of R.N. Florentia.
Source: Rari 1904; Una storia di Campioni; Giordano Goggioli

Carlo Pedersoli - “Bud Spencer”, Italy

Carlo Pedersoli was born in Santa Lucia, Naples in 1929. He became known by the stage name Bud Spencer in his career as a lead actor in “spaghetti western” movies. In 1954 he was playing Water Polo in “S.S Lazio Nuoto.

1940: "Rari Nantes Florentia" winner of the Italian Championship

The team of "Rari Nantes Florentia" winner of the 1940 Italian Championship. From left: Goggioli (captain), Facchinetti, Fabiano, Gigi Raspini, Giancarlo and Tullo Pandolfini, Berto Rsapini, Cosi, Enzo Zabberoni and Silvio Zenobi.
Source: Rari 1904, Una storia di Campioni; Giordano Goggioli

Enzo Zabberoni: The coach of "SS Lazio Nuoto" on 1958

Enzo Zabberoni, coach of the “SS Lazio Nuoto” on 1958. Zabberoni, who arrived in Rome from Firenze in 1955, along with Sergio Catalani, ex-Champion of the 40’s, brought new ideas and contributed to the most glorious swimming and Water Polo period of SS Lazio. Among others in the photo appear Giancarlo Guerrini, Fabrizio Momoni and Alessandro Guerrini.

1956: "S.S Lazio Nuoto" Champion of Italy

The team of “Società Sprortiva Lazio Nuoto” that won in 1956 the Italian National Champioship. Standing from left: Sergio Catalani (Manager), Felice Virno, Franco Berenga, Franco Baccini, Lucio Ceccarini, Nino Antonelli. Sitting from left: Salvatore Gionta, Paolo Pucci, Carlo Peretti, Camillo De Giovanni (coach), Raffaele Gambino.

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1920: Water Polo at San Feliu de Guixols

Another photo of a Water Polo match at "San Feliu de Guixols", Costa Brava, Spain in 1920.

1904, Saint Louis: The silver "Chicago Athetic Association"

The team of "Chicago Athletic Association" that won the silver medal at the St Louis 1904, Olympic Games. At those Games only American contestants participated. The ranking was: 1. New York Athletic Club, 2. Chicago Athletic Association, 3. Missouri Athletic Club.
The team of Chicago AA: Rex Beach, Jerome Steever, Edwin Paul Swatek, Charles Healy, Frank Kehoe, David Hammond, William Tuttle.

1967: "Ethnicos Piraeus", winner one more time

The team of “Ethnicos Piraeus” winner of the 1967 Greek National Championship. "Ethnicos Piraeus" is the most winning Water Polo team in the history of Greek Water Polo conquering 30 National Championships and 11 Greek Cups the 50’s-60’s-70’s-80’s.
Standing from left:
Koulis Iosifidis, Manolis Patlakas, Petros Kalfamanolis, Yiannis Thymaras, Andreas Garyfallos. Sitting: Anargiros Kehagias, Giorgos Hatzigeorgiou, Dimitris Konstas and Thomas Karalogos.Photo: Private collection

1971: The Champions of "Olympiacos Piraeus", Greece

The team of "Olympiacos Pireaus" celebrating their 8th Greek Championship against Ethnicos Pireaus in 1971. Among the players are: Takis Michalos, Spyros Capralos, Stathis Sarandos, Helias Damaskos, Periklis Damaskos, Giorgos Theodorakopoulos, Takis Palikaris, Takis Mathioudakis and Leonidas Theodorakakis (manager of the team).
Coach of the team the legendary Yugoslavian Ivo Trumbic (standing third from right), gold winner into the Mexico 1968 Olympic Games. "Olympiacos Pireaus" has been the first coaching experience of Ivo Trumbic. In 1973 he became the coach of the Dutch National water Polo team. Photo: Private collection

1915: The Champions of "Illinois Athetic Club" of William Bachrach

The 1915 Water Polo team of “Illinois Athletic Club” (IAC) that won the U.S. National Water Polo Championships. Coach of the team was William Bachrach (standing left), the most successful coach prior to World War. Bachrach was the Head coach of the 1924 and 1928 U.S Olympic Teams. His swimmers captured 13 gold medals in Paris in 1924 and 10 gold medals at the Amsterdam Olympics of 1928. Among the athletes of Bachrach was Johnny Weissmuller. Bachrach was the man who supported Weissmuller to drop one of the swimming events and play Water Polo stating: "Without Weissmuller the Water Polo team is punk; with him the team has a chance against any team, and what's the use of paying $15,000 to bring the Water Polo team here, unless you give them a real chance for the championship!"

Johnny Weissmuller: The Olympic Tarzan

Johnny Weissmuller was the winner of the 100m freestyle in 1924 and 1928 and a member of the winning 4x200m relay team in both years. He also won a bronze medal in the 1924 water polo competition at the Olympics. Much of his success was due to his revolutionary high-riding stroke, flutter kick and head-turning breathing. Invited for a screen test for the role of Tarzan, Weissmuller was chosen over 150 other applicants and went on to become the most famous screen Tarzan of all, playing the role in 12 movies between 1932 and 1948.
Source: Photo: Private collection. Text:

1960's: Final match for the Greek Championship

1960"s: The historical “Zappeion” pool of Athens full of spectators during the final of the Greek National competition between the two teams of Piraeus: "Ethnicos" and "Olympiacos".
Photo: courtesy of the Hellenic Swimming Fedaration

1927: The team of “Olympiacos” Piraeus

The 1927 team of "Olympiacos" Piraeus, Greece. From left to right: E. Baltatzis-Mavrokordatos, I. Papadakis, A. Athanasianos, N. Baltazis-Mavrokordatos, Chr. Siadimas, N. Kivotos and C. Kordopatis.
“Aris Thessalonikis” won the first National Championship held in 1928. The Greek National team though, has been present to the Antwerp 1920 and Paris 1924 Olympic Games.
Photo: courtesy Hellenic Swimming Federation

1923: Water Polo at San Feliu de Guixols, Costa Brava

This is rare picture of San Feliu de Guixols, Costa Brava of Spain, showing the set up of a Water Polo match at the “Baños Sant Telm” during the “Fiestas de Natacion” of 12 and 13 August 1923.
Sant Feliu de Guíxols is an eminently Mediterranean town situated at the heart of the Costa Brava and surrounded by hills with woods of pine and holm oak, wich has become an important holiday resort offering visitors a wide range of services.
Source: Private collection

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1980: The great Gianni de Magistris in action

Series of illustrations showing the legendary Italian player Gianni de Magistris in action. The series have been produced by the famous Hungarian coach Bela Rajki within his study “Technique” published by the International Swimming and Water Polo Magazin in 1981
Source: International Swimming and Water Polo Magazine: /1981/1 Nr.1

1939: The Singapore Chinese Water Polo team

The Singapore Chinese Swimming Club Water Polo team "SCSC" who won the Japanese Olympic Water Polo team by 9-6 at the YMCA Swimming Pool, Fort Canning in August 1939 Source:

1935: The team of "Club Natacion Sabadell", Spain

The 1935 team of “Club Natacion Sabadell” that won the Spanish Championship of 3rd division: Salas, Monitor, Altimira, Morral, Vilas, Torres, Ciment, Serrano
Source: :