Monday, April 23, 2007

1928 Amsterdam : Erich Rademacher in action

Erich Rademacher, the legendary German goalie in action during the final game against Hungary into the Amsterdam 1928 Olympic Games. The result of the game was 5—2 in favor of the German team, after twice 3 minutes of extra time. The half time: 0—2.
Germany: E. Rademacher, O. Cordes, E. Benecke, F. Gunst, J. Rademacher, K. Bahre, M. Amann
Hungary: S. Barta, A. Ivady, A. Keseru, M. Homonnai, F. Keseru, J . Vrabely, O. Haltmayer
Referee: M. Blitz (Belgium)
Source: 1. Tobacco card (Cigaretten - fabrik 'DELTA" G.m.m.H, Dresden A16): personal collection, 2. Oficial Report Amsterdam 1928 Olympic Games.

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