Thursday, April 26, 2007

1915: The Champions of "Illinois Athetic Club" of William Bachrach

The 1915 Water Polo team of “Illinois Athletic Club” (IAC) that won the U.S. National Water Polo Championships. Coach of the team was William Bachrach (standing left), the most successful coach prior to World War. Bachrach was the Head coach of the 1924 and 1928 U.S Olympic Teams. His swimmers captured 13 gold medals in Paris in 1924 and 10 gold medals at the Amsterdam Olympics of 1928. Among the athletes of Bachrach was Johnny Weissmuller. Bachrach was the man who supported Weissmuller to drop one of the swimming events and play Water Polo stating: "Without Weissmuller the Water Polo team is punk; with him the team has a chance against any team, and what's the use of paying $15,000 to bring the Water Polo team here, unless you give them a real chance for the championship!"

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