Saturday, April 21, 2007

"A World team in the 60’s" by Tom Hoad, Australia

Extract of an interview given by Tom Hoad, Australia in 1979 about the "World team in the sixties". Tom Hoad: “One may object that it presumptuous of me as an Australian whose Water Polo have never been very strong, to venture an opinion on the best players in the World over the past decades. Nevertheless I can only reply that as a player and coach I have been to every Olympic Games since 1960 in Rome. As well I have witnessed all World and European Championships up to the present time and can therefore claim to be objective. I have also endeavoured to obtain from other coaches and players their opinion”.
Tom Hoad’s Golden team in the Sixties: Gyarmati (Hungary), Markovits (Hungary), Karpati (Hungary), Sandic (Yugoslavia), Jankovic (Jugoslavia), Msvenieradze (Soviet Union), Tsikvanasa (Soviet Union), Pizzo (Italy), Jezic (Yugoslavia), Boros (Hugary, goalkeeper) and Muskatirovic (Yugoslavia, Goalkeeper).
Source: International Water Polo Magazine: 1979, Photo : Pijotr Msvenieradze, Soviet Union

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