Monday, April 23, 2007

1980, Moscow: The golden team of Soviet Union

Another picture of the USSR team prior to winning  the gold medal at Moscow 1980 Olympic Games. Top row L-R: Alexander Tretyakov (CSKA Navy), Erkin Step (Tashkent Mehnat), Sergey Nikiforov (Dynamo Moscow), Valery Zavizion (Dynamo Kiev). Second row L-R: Alksandr Kabanov (CSK VMF), Eugene Sharonov (AZLK Moscow), Yevgeny Grishin (Dynamo Moscow), Mikhail Ivanov (Dynamo Moscow), Vyacheslav Sobchenko (CSK VMF), Vladimir Sidoreev (Dynamo Moscow), Vyacheslav Obotkov (CSK Navy). Third row L-R: Mait Riysman (MSU), Sergei Kotenko (Dynamo Alma-Ata), Alex Barkalov (Dynamo Kyiv).
Source: Personal collection. Corections with the help of Yevgeny Grishin and Roman Akimov 

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