Friday, September 25, 2009

1957: The team of CSU Long Beach

The Men's Water Polo team at California State University Long Beach that made its first debut in 1957. Front L-R: Ken Berger, Gary Finney, Robert Stang, Jerry Neer. Standing L-R: Jim Jensen, Bill Price, Jim Loomis, Gordon Warner (coach). Not pictured: Jim Sprague, Don Poucher, Richard Brown, Stedman Glidden.

1938: The team of Cirencester Club

The team of Cirencester Swimming and Water Polo Club in 1938. Cirencester is a market town in Gloucestershire, England.

1948: The team of Goulburn ASC

The Water Polo team of Goulburn Amateur Swimming Club, winners of the V. Edgar Trophy 1947-48. Goulburn is a provincial city in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. Back Row: L Meyers, J Williams, J Hennessy, M Davies, D Melville, K Watson. Sitting: C Tamsett (Vice-President), E Quill (Captain), E Gray (Secretary), G Ashley (Vice-Captain), E Keane (Coach).
Source: Photo by Watt Telfer, Goulburn.

Monday, September 7, 2009

1934: The team of Clontarf Club of Dublin

The team of Clontarf Swimming and Water Polo Club of Dublin, Ireland in 1934.
Standing L-R: O’S Roche, W. P. Willis, M.S. Mahony, E. J. Lighfoot. Seated L-R: J. Hannon, T. A. O’ Relly (cap.) and P.J. Lavery.
Source: El mundo deportivo 21 September 1934

1934: European Championships in Magdeburg

Water Polo game during the 1934 European Championships held in Magdeburg, Germany.
Source: El mundo deportivo, 24 August 1934.

1934: The Spanish team on the way to Magdeburg

The Spanish delegation ready to travel by bus from Barcelona to Magdeburg in view of the European Championships of 1934. The delegation composed from players and coach of Club Natacion Barcelona: Jose Cabrejas, Pitarch, Ramon Borras, Angel Sabata, Batallé, Navarro, Lepage, Cairol, Mrs Speissegger, Ernest Speissegger (coach of C. N. Barcelona), Rafael Giménez, Seriña (official), Jaime Cruells, Sema Palatchi, Valdés and Carulla.
Source: El mundo deportivo 5 August 1934

Saturday, September 5, 2009

1932: The team of “Chevalier Roze Sports”

The team of “Chevalier Roze Sports” of Marseille in 1932.
El mundo deportivo; 26 September 1932

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1881: (Water) Polo at New Orleans

Celebration of the French National “Fete” day at New Orleans, Louisiana in 1881. “The POLO race”. Wood engraving from an old issue of FRANK LESLIE'S, an illustrated newspaper, published in 1881. Artist (S.W. Bennett, JR.) Source: personal collection