Saturday, August 28, 2010

1976: C.N.Montjuic meet Farago and Csapo

The team of Club Natacion Montjuic, visit Budapest in 1976 to play against the legendary Hungarian players Farago and Csapo. Standing L-R: Joan Sans, Jordi Alonso, Tamas Farago, Enric Bertran, Gabor Csapo, Imre Szikora. Squatting L-R: Jaume Fite, Villarrubias, Joan Lopez.
Source: courtesy of Manuel Sylvestre;

1976: The team of Club Natacion Montjuic

The team of Club Natacion Montjuic in 1976. Standing L-R: Imre Szikora (Coach), Puigdevall, Bertran, Alonso, Sans, Martinez, Franch-Vendrell. Squatting L-R: Fite, Villarrubias, Martinez, Lopez, Gash, Villa.
Source: courtesy of Manuel Silvestre;

Sunday, August 15, 2010

1906: The team of Weston-super-Mare

The team of Weston-super-Mare in 1906. Back row: F.Harris. A.Poole, H.Collins, S.Cottell, F.Banwell. Middle row: J.Rowsell, A.Webb.A.G.Payne (captain), W.Bishop, T.Thould senior. Front row: P.Holway, D.Clark (vice captain). 
Source: courtesy of Mrs Doris Keirle, Mike G. Coles

1978, Berlin: The golden Italian team

The Italian team winner of gold medal at Berlin 1978, World Championships; The team: Gianni De Magistris, Massimo Fondelli, Sandro Ghibellini, Romeo Collina, Roldano Simenoni, Alberto Alberani, Sante Marsili, Marco Galli, Paolo Ragosa, Silvio Baracchini and Mario Scotti-Galletta, and the coach Gianni Lonzi (Coach).

Saturday, August 14, 2010

1976, Montreal: Ivo Trumbic coaching the Dutch

The legendary Ivo Trumbic while coaching the Netherlands at Montreal 1976 Olympic Games. The Dutch team ended at the 3rd place of the Olympic tournament loosing only against Hungary 5-3 and tying 3-3 with the Italians.
Source: Il mondo del Nuoto July 1980

1976, Montreal: The Italians jumping in the pool

Italy wins the silver medal at Montreal 1976 Olympic Games and Enzo D' Angelo with Sante Marsilli, push their coach Gianni Lonzi and the Vice President of the Italian Fedaration De Caudio in the pool. The Italian team: Alberani, Simeoni, Baracchini, Sante Marsili, Del Duca, Gianni De Magistris, Ghibellini, Castagnola, Riccardo De Magistris, Enzo D'Angelo and Panerai.
Source: Il mondo del Nuoto; July 1980