Wednesday, September 30, 2015

1985: The team of Sysley Pescara

The team of Sisley Pescara winner of the Italian Cup in 1985. Along with the Coach Mino Marsili the players Estiarte, D'Altrui, Misaggi, S. Marsili, Belotti, Di Fulvio, Tornar, Pomilio, Papa, Gobi.
Source: private collection 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

1976, Montreal: The team of Soviet Union

The team of Soviet Union, 8th in Montreal 1976 Olympic Games. The team: Aleksey Barkalov, Aleksandr Dolgushin, Aleksandr Dreval, Aleksandr Kabanov, Aleksandr Zakharov, Anatoly Klebanov, Nikolay Melnikov, Nugzar Mshvenyeradze, Sergey Kotenko, Vitaly Romanchuk, Vladimir Iselidze.
Source: private collection

Sunday, September 20, 2015

1948: The team of Fullerton College, California

The team of Fullerton College all-Southern California team in 1948: From L-R: Bob Brown, Ed Illsey, Bud Householder, Captain Don Bradford, Marvin D. Burns, Hank Imm, and Frank Poucher.

1969: The team of Fullerton College, California

The team of Fullerton College, California State Champion in 1969. In this shot, Coach Ernie Polte poses with his Championship team (L-R from bottom): Trey Reish, Kris Cook, John Poznanter, Fred Belcher, Greg Bunker, Dave Heard, and Terry Klein. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

1925: The Polytechnic Water Polo team.

The Polytechnic Water Polo with the Hastings and St Leonards Town Observer Shield. The team won the shield during the period 1924-1927.
Source: private collection 

1920: Water Polo game in Sydney Park

Water Polo match during the Water Rats Gala held in Sydney Park, Australia July 31, 1920.Source: