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1968, Mexico: a humoristic post card

A humoristic post card with Water Polo subject issued on the occasion of Mexico 1968 Olympic Games.
Source: private collection

1970's: Water polo match in Horgen

Water Polo match in Horgen, Switzerland in 1970's. Horgen is one of the larger towns of Switzerland along the south bank of the lake of Zurich.

1973: The team of Bocholter, Germany

The Water Polo team of Bocholter, Germany in 1973. The players: Manfred Reuter, Michael Scheibe, Peter Höver, Jürgen Wenning, Heiner Kamps, Dirk Hochgartz, Klaus Tebrake, Trainer Herbert Bölting, Achim Brähler, Johannes Essink, Andreas Kreilkamp, Manfred Scheibe.

1962: The players of Ethnicos in Barcelona

The players of Ethnicos Piraeus at the center of Barcelona in 1962. From L-R: Yiannis Thymaras, Mr. Kalkatzakos (Official), Andreas Garyfallos, Petros Kalfamanolis, Apostolos Tsantas (referree).
Source: courtesy of Mr. Apostolos Tsantas

1940: Water Polo action in Alingsas, Sweden

Image of a Water Polo match in Alingsas, Sweden in 1940.

1940: The players of Alingsas

Another picture of the team of Alingsas, Sweden in 1940.

1940: The team of Alingsas, Sweden

The team of Alingsas, Sweden in 1940 composed by: Tore Skotten, Sven Klang Nilsson, Tössberg, Lundgren, Axberg, GA Nilsson and Sven Olsson.
Alingsas is a city in Western Sweden.

1975: The International summit of Baku

The International Water Polo referees and officials summit, at Baku USSR, in 1975 to evaluate the proposal for application of the double refereeing system during the Water Polo games. Among distinguished referees and officials we recognize: C.Marculescu (Romania), F.Salomon (Hungary), G.Koenigh (Hungary), A.Amaya (Cuba), R.Helmick (USA), Van Dorp (Netherlands), Exerov (Bulgaria), D.Brusalis (Greece), A.Tsantas (Greece), V.Sciapina (USSR).
Source: courtesy of Mr. Apostolos Tsantas

1975: The draw of European club Competitions

The expressive lady while proceeding with the draw of the 1975 European Club competitions, held in Belgrade, under the authority of Mr. Ante Lambasa, President of LEN TWPC.
Source: courtesy of Apostolos Tsantas

1975: Ante Lambasa explains the draw procedures

The legendary Yugoslavian official Mr. Ante Lambasa under the capacity of President of LEN TWPC explains the draw procedures for the European club competitions in Belgrade 1975. Among various club representatives appears into the middle the Greek referre Apostolos Tsantas representing the teams of Ethnicos and Olympiacos Piraeus.
Source: courtesy of Mr.Apostolos Tsantas

1962: Ethnicos Piraeus in Barcelona

The Team of Ethnicos Piraeus, arriving at Barcelona in 1962. Ethnicos was the first Greek team, traveling abroad to gain International experience. We recognize several players such as: Yiannis Thymaras, Manolis Patlakas, Nikos Tsangas, Petros Kalfamanolis, Sotiris Tzafolias, Dimitris Kougevetopoulos, Giorgos Chatzigeorgiou. Among the officials are: Yiannis Kalkatzakos (President), Dimitrios Zografos (Secretary General Greek Swimming Federation), Apostolos Tsantas (escoring referee), Andreas Kalomoiris and Lazslo Sarosi (who next year became the Greek National coach).
Source: courtesy of Mr. Apostolos Tsantas

1968: The pioneers of Greek Refereeing

Takis Panagakos, Apostolos Tsantas and the veteran Nikos Bistis three of the pioneers of the Greek refereeing during a match at the pool of Athens "Zapeion" in 1968. During the 70's and beginning of 80's the couple "Tsantas and Panagakos" were representing Greece at major International competitions. Nikos Bistis was the visionary ex referee who promoted the idea of enlarging the class of Greek referees by organizing specific schools by the mid 70's.
Source: courtesy of Mr. Apostolos Tsantas

1965: Ethnicos Piraeus visit Tourcoing, France

The team of "Ethnicos Piraeus" during their visit in Tourcoing, France in 1965. Standing Lr: Andreas Kalomiris, Manolis Patlakas, Nikos Tsangas, Bubis Chatzikyriakakis, Yiannis Thymaras, Andreas Garyfallos. Seated L-R: Sotiris Tzafolias, Dimitris Kouvegetopoulos, Apostolos Tsantas (escorting referee), Petros Chatzikyriakakis, Anargyros Chehagias.
Source: courtesy of Mr. Apostolos Tsantas

1975: The referres summit at Baku, USSR

The International Water Polo referees and officials summit at Baku, USSR in 1975, prior to Montreal Olympic Games, in order to discuss the proposal for application of the double refereeing system during the Water Polo games. First raw: Boris Popov (coach USSR)
Second raw L-R:: George Koenigh (Hungary), Fred van Dorp (Netherlands), Ferenc Salomon (Hungary), Cornel Marculescu (Romania). At the third raw we recognize the Greeks Apostolos Tsantas and Dick Brusalis.
Source: courtesy of Mr. Apostolos Tsantas

1972: The International Referrees Congress

The International Water Polo Referees during their annual Congress held in Budapest in 1972. In the first line third from left appears Mateo Manguillot (Spain), while at the second raw the Greek referees Apostolos Tsantas, Andreas Kalomiris and Nikos Bistis.
Source: courtesy of Mr. Apostolos Tsantas

Friday, September 28, 2007

1967: Water Polo field into the gulf of Lavagna

Post card showing a Water Polo field set into the gulf of Lavagna, Italy in 1967. Lavagna is a fishing port in the curving stretch of the Italian Riviera di Levante, in Liguria.
Source: private collection

1964: The team of Ethnicos Piraeus in Sofia

The Water Polo team of Ethnicos Piraeus, in 1964 during their trip (by buss) to Sofia Bulgaria. This has been one of the first trips of the Greek Champions abroad. Among the players we recognize: Kyriakos Iosifidis, Andreas Garyfallos, Manolis Patlakas, Petros Kalfamanolis, Yiannis Thymaras, Giorgos Chatzigeorgiou, Anargyros Kehagias, Dimitris Kougevetopoulos. Standing in the middle with white pullover the legendary Greek referee Apostolos Tsantas, who followed the team of Ethnicos in order to gain his first International experience.
Source: courtesy of Mr. Apostolos Tsantas (actual President AIA)

1972, Munich: Australians against Dutch players

Card showing an action during the game of Australia vs Netherlands (score: 2-4) during the Munich 1972 Olympic Games. At the back side of the card are explained the basic rules of Water Polo. Australia: Michael Wihers, Thom Hoad, David Woods, Peter Motgomery, Ian McLaughlain, Robert Menzies, David Neesham, Leslie Nunn, Nicholas Barnes, Leon Welgard, William Tilay. Netherlands: Evert Kroon, Hans Wouda, Jan Evert Veer, Hans Hoogveld, Wim Hermsen, Hans Parrel, Ton Schmidt, Mart Bras, Tonny Buunk, Gijs Strobber, Wim van de Schilde.
Source: personal collection

1972: the team of "Slavia VS Plzen"

The Water Polo team of "Slavia VS Plzen" (Pilsen) in 1972. Plzen is a city in Western Bohemia in the Czech Republic, located about 90 km west of Prague. (ex Czechoslovakia)
Source: courtesy of Mr. Apostolos Tsantas

1977, Jonkoping: Hungary wins the gold

Card showing the team of Hungary winner of Jonkoping, Sweden 1977 European Championships. The team: Gabor Csapo, Tamas Farago, Gyorgy Gernedas, Gyorgy Kenez, Istvan Magas, Endre Molnar, Miklos Somossy, Janos Steunmetz, Attila Sudar, Istvan Szivos, Piter Wolf and Tamas Wiesner.
Source: personal collection

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

1964: Water Polo ball

Water Polo ball used May 1964, during the qualification game between the National teams of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) in view of Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games.

1935: Spectators assisting a match at Seven Sisters

A section of the crowd assisting an International Water Polo match at Seven Sisters, Wales in 1935.

1935: Welsh International Water Polo Team

Welsh International Water Polo Team opposed Irish players at Seven Sistres, Wales in 1935. Seven Sisters is a village in the Dulais Valley, South Wales, 10 miles northeast of Neath port Talbot.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1959: The "Swanage" Water Polo team, UK

The Swanage Water Polo team on Studland beach, England in 1959. From L-R: George Crane, Gilles Remy, Phil Bird, Mike Bond, ‘Sully’ Sullivan, George Willey, Richard Caldwell and Alan Vince.

1896: The "Hove" Swimming Club, UK

The Hove Swimming Club Water Polo Team winner of the 1896 Junior Championship of Sussex, England. Back row L-R: H.C UPTON MD (Timekeeper), F.M COX (Hon Sec), T. HOCKLEY (Right Back), T. NAILARD (Half Back), H. TEBBS (Left Back), W. K. STUART (Club Captain), W. WELFARE (Goal Scorer), V.DUNN (Attendant). Front row L-R: S. COOK (Left Forward), R. CLARK (Centre), W. MARSH (Polo Captain, Goal), J. TAYLOR (Right Forward)

1938: The team of "Brighton Ladies SC"

The Water Polo team of "Brighton Ladies Swimming Club" in 1938.

1901: Jersey vs Swansea Women match

A 1901 magazine print titled 'Women as players of Water Polo – Jersey’s struggle with Swansea” showing the final of the Ravensbourne Ladies Water Polo Challenge Shield, which Swansea won 4 - 2.
 Courtesy of Bruce Wigo 

1965: The team of "Ferencvaros Torna Club"

The team of "Ferencvaros Torna Club" of Budapest, winners of the 1965 Hungarian Championship. Among the players we recognize the legendary players Steinmetz, Szivos Jr, Gyarmati, Bolvari, Kasas and Karpati.

1965: The winners of "Ferencvaros Torna Club"

The team of "Ferencvaros Torna Club" (FTC) of Budapest winner of the 1965 Hungarian Championship.

Istvan Szivos Sr: The legendary Hungarian of the 50’s

Beautiful collage presenting the legendary Hungarian player of the 50’s Istvan Szivos, Sr. father of Istvan Szivos Jr, who, among other distinctions, won the silver medal in London 1948, the gold medal in Helsinki 1952 and the gold medal in Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games.

Istvan Szivos Jr: The gigantic Hungarian of the 70’s

Beautiful collage presenting the great Hungarian centre forward of the 70’s Istvan Szivos, Jr. who, among other distinctions, won the gold medal in Montreal 1976, the silver medal in Munich 1972 and the bronze medal in Mexico 1968, Olympic Games.

1921: Water Polo players of Lleida, Spain

Pioneer Water Polo players and swimmers of Lleida, Spain in 1921. Leida is a province of North-Eastern Spain, in the western part of Catalonia.
Source: private collection

1920: Water Polo players of CN Barcelona

A group of Water Polo players and swimmers, probably of Club Natacion Barcelona, at the water deposit of Barcelona in 1920.
Source: Private collection

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1976, Montreal: Hungary at the top of the podium

The team of Hungary winner of Montreal 1976, Olympic Games during the awarding ceremony. The team: Endre Molnar, Gabor Csapo, Dr.Laszlo Sarosi, Tibor Cservenyak, Tamas Farago, Gyorgy Gerendas, Gyorgy Horkai, Gyorgy Kenez, Dr. Ferenc Kondrad, Atilla Sudar, Gyorgy Kenez, Istvan Szivos Jr.

1987: Istvan Szivos Jr. family

The Hungarian legend Istvan Szivos Jr., one of the best centerforwards of the 70's, with his two children Marta Szivos (right) and Marton Szivos (left) actual Hungarian Champion.
And the story goes on......
Source:, courtesy of Mrs. Zsófia Viló

1952: Szivos Sr. and Szivos Jr.

Istvan Szivos Sr. while showing pictures of the Hungarian triumph at Helsinki 1952 Olympic Games to his son Istvan Szivos Jr., future Olympic winner as well.
Source:, courtesy of Mrs. Zsófia Viló

1950: The National team of Hungary

The National team of Hungary at the Alfred Hajos pool of Budapest in 1950. First from left is Istvan Szivos Sr.
Source:, courtesy of Mrs. Zsófia Viló

1951: The Hungarian team in Moscow

The National team of Hungary during their visit in Moscow in 1951. First from left is the legendary Hungarian player Istvan Szivos Sr.
Source:, courtesy of Mrs. Zsófia Viló

Friday, September 21, 2007

1970: The team of “CD Larraina”, Spain

The Water Polo team of “Campo de Deportes Larraina” in 1970, based at Pamplona, the capital city of Navarre, Spain. Standing L-R: Manolo EZQUIETA, Miguel Angel IRAÑETA, Pepe PASTOR, Alberto PASTOR, Agustín PEREZ SEOANE. Seated L-R: Emilio HUERTA, Chema ESPARZA, Alfredo SARALDI and Fermín MANSO.

1958: The team of “SC Altenessen 1926”

The Water Polo team of “Schwimm Club Altenessen 1926” in 1958. Altenessen is a district of Essen in the center of the Ruhr area in north Rhine Westphalia, Germany.

1922: The Water Polo team of "HMS Concord"

The Water Polo team of "HMS Concord" in 1922. The players: Daly, Horne, Perrett, Lt. Anstice, Capt. Money, Capt. Williams, Roach, Popham, Robjohns, Dorrington, Brumby.

1928: The Water Polo team of "HMS Enterprise"

The Water Polo team of the battleship "HMS Enterprise" in 1928.

1930’s: Water Polo at Evian-les-Bains

Water Polo match at Évian-les-Bains, France in 1930's. Evian-les-Bains is situated at the shores of Lac Léman, opposite to Lausanne, Switzerland.
Source: Private collection

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1963: The team of “RCAF Station Grostenquin”

The RCAF Station Grostenquin Water Polo team in 1963.
RCAF Station Grostenquin, known as 2 (Fighter) Wing, was located near the town of Grostequin in Northeastern France. It was one of four wings or bases of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) established in Europe in the early 1950s at the beginning of the Cold War. The players: Back Row L-R: Walter Hinson, Roi Gilbert, Clayton Leather, Richard MacIntyre, John MacBride, Davis Fallis. Front row L-R: Ron Hibbert, Rod Emory, Don Anderson, Russ McCammon, Geogg Carter.

1948: The team of University of California

The Water Polo team of University of California (Golden Bears) in 1948. Back row L-R: Grunland, Schloss, Hauser, Webster, Steiner, Dickey, Spruance. Sescond row: Coach Weatherbe, Widman, Mensing, Arth, Morketter, Kelly. Front row: Poulin, Prisby, Yee, Schutt Source:

1942: The team of "University of California"

The Water Polo team of University of California (Golden Bears) in 1942. The players: Back row L-R: Andy Marshall, Bob Stevens, Bill Pomeroy, Frank Raab (Manager), Hilary Crawford, Robert Darwall, William Kapranos, Bill Watkins (Manager) Second row L-R: Francisco Escobar, Arthur Poulin, Norman Lazarus, Charles Cleeves, Richard Donald Karn, John Norris, Bob Griffin, Vern Green, Al Dowden Front row L-R: Robert Mixer, Joseph Wosser, Victor Walberg, James Leonard, Herbert Frahm, Kenneth Joy, William Sheeran, Gordon French

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1928: The players of "Velser Zwem Vereniging"

The male and female Water Polo players of "Velser Zwem Vereniging" Netherlands in 1928. Source:

1952, Helsinki: The winners of Hungary

The Hungarian Water Polo team winner of the gold medal at Helsinki 1952, Olympic Games. The team: Antal Robert, Bolvari Antal, Fabian Dezso, Gyarmaty Dezso, Hasznos Istvan, Jeney Laszlo, Karpati Gyorgy, Lemhenyi Dezso, Markovits Kalman, Marlim Miklos, Szittya Karoly, Szivos Istvan, Vizvari Gyorgy.
Source: Wasserbal by Heinz Braecklein

1928, Amsterdam: The golden Germans

The German Water Polo team winner of the gold medal at the Amsterdam 1928, Olympic Games. From L-R: J.Rademacher, Cordes, Aman, Benecke, Gunst, Bahre, E.Rademacher.
Source: Wasserball by Heinz Braecklein

1967: The Champions of Finland

The National Water Polo team of Finland, winner of the 1967 Nordic Champion in Riihimäki, Finland. Finland won Denmark 8-3 and played even with Sweden 4-4. Better goal difference determined the championship in favour of Finland. (Sweden-Denmark 4-2).
The players of the team: Kari Peltola (1), Ilkka Rauramo (2), Harry Holman (3), Sauli Lahti (4), Jalmari Torikka (5), Harry Malmberg (6), Reijo Vartia (7), Kari Jokinen,(8), Antero Fri (9), Mikko Sorjonen (10), Tauno Latvala (11) and Pertti Fri (without cap)Source: courtesy of Dr. Ilkka Rauramo and Dr. Maunu Nisinen; Picture retrieved from the book “Urheilumme kasvot” (The faces of our Sport) published by Scandia Kirjat Oy.