Friday, September 28, 2007

1972, Munich: Australians against Dutch players

Card showing an action during the game of Australia vs Netherlands (score: 2-4) during the Munich 1972 Olympic Games. At the back side of the card are explained the basic rules of Water Polo. Australia: Michael Wihers, Thom Hoad, David Woods, Peter Motgomery, Ian McLaughlain, Robert Menzies, David Neesham, Leslie Nunn, Nicholas Barnes, Leon Welgard, William Tilay. Netherlands: Evert Kroon, Hans Wouda, Jan Evert Veer, Hans Hoogveld, Wim Hermsen, Hans Parrel, Ton Schmidt, Mart Bras, Tonny Buunk, Gijs Strobber, Wim van de Schilde.
Source: personal collection

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