Wednesday, September 19, 2007

1967: The Champions of Finland

The National Water Polo team of Finland, winner of the 1967 Nordic Champion in Riihimäki, Finland. Finland won Denmark 8-3 and played even with Sweden 4-4. Better goal difference determined the championship in favour of Finland. (Sweden-Denmark 4-2).
The players of the team: Kari Peltola (1), Ilkka Rauramo (2), Harry Holman (3), Sauli Lahti (4), Jalmari Torikka (5), Harry Malmberg (6), Reijo Vartia (7), Kari Jokinen,(8), Antero Fri (9), Mikko Sorjonen (10), Tauno Latvala (11) and Pertti Fri (without cap)Source: courtesy of Dr. Ilkka Rauramo and Dr. Maunu Nisinen; Picture retrieved from the book “Urheilumme kasvot” (The faces of our Sport) published by Scandia Kirjat Oy.

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