Sunday, April 22, 2007

1911: Water Polo match “H.M.S. Saracen” vs “H.M.S. Ghurka”

Photo post card, possibly of 1911. It has stamped on front the title “Water Polo: Saracen v Ghurka”. It would seem a net has been strung between two vessels in the port for a game.
HMS Ghurka was a Tribal class destroyer built in 1907 for the Royal Navy. She was sunk 8th Feb 1917 after hitting a German mine. Only five of the crew survived.
HMS Saracen was a Tribal class destroyer of the Royal Navy launched in 1908 and sold in 1919. During the 1st World War she served in the North Sea and the English Channel with the 6th Destroyer Flotilla.
Source: Photo personal collection. Text:

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