Sunday, April 22, 2007

Peter J. Cutino: The legendary Cal Coach

Peter J. Cutino was a legendary California Water Polo coach for over 40 years. In his 26 years as Head Coach at the University of California Berkeley, he was the all-time winning coach in U.S. Water Polo history; His Cal teams won eight NCAA titles. In 1963 Cutino became head coach of both the Cal Berkeley men's Water Polo and swimming programs. Cutino directed Golden Bear Water Polo teams to eight national championships. The Cutino presence at Cal Water Polo matches was both showmanship and strategy. Known for his passion, he would pace the edge of the pool, shouting and a congratulating. His athletes learned quickly about his training system. "He taught us that anything worth accomplishing would not come without discomfort," recalls Kirk Everist, who played for Cutino at Cal, "and he was always there to administer the discomfort."
Cutino served as head coach of the US National Team (1972-76), the US Olympic Team (1976).

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