Sunday, April 22, 2007

1912 Stockholm: Belgium wins against Hungary 6-5

Extract from the Official Report of the Stockholm 1912 Olympic Games: Qualifying match: Belgium vs Hungary 6—5.
2.30 p. m., Wednesday, 10 July 1912
Belgium, which played the better game, made its first goal from a free throw immediately after the game began, but one of the team had to leave the water soon afterwards for taking up his position within the two metre line. The Hungarian forwards, however, did not know how to employ their advantage and quite a long time elapsed before their centre, hotly attacked, made a fine goal that brought his side level. Matters were changed when the game was restarted, an Hungarian being ordered out and Belgium making a goal immediately afterwards, but just before half time Hungary again succeeded in obtaining the lead, after their goalkeeper had brilliantly cleared a succession of attacks on the part of Belgium. The result at half time was, consequently, 3—2 in favour of Hungary.
The second half, from beginning to end, was entirely Belgium’s. It soon succeeded in drawing level, the left forward taking the ball from the Hungarian goalkeeper, who had swum out to save. Belgium pressed more and more, and soon took the lead with a fifth goal, its sixth being made with all the Belgium players, with the exception of their goalkeeper, in front of the Hungarian net. Immediately before time was called, however, Hungary managed to add another goal to its total, but the final result was 6-5 in favour of Belgium (2—3, 4—2).
Referee: G. Wennerström, Sweden.
Source: Official Report Stockholm 1912 Olympic Games

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