Thursday, April 26, 2007

1971: The Champions of "Olympiacos Piraeus", Greece

The team of "Olympiacos Pireaus" celebrating their 8th Greek Championship against Ethnicos Pireaus in 1971. Among the players are: Takis Michalos, Spyros Capralos, Stathis Sarandos, Helias Damaskos, Periklis Damaskos, Giorgos Theodorakopoulos, Takis Palikaris, Takis Mathioudakis and Leonidas Theodorakakis (manager of the team).
Coach of the team the legendary Yugoslavian Ivo Trumbic (standing third from right), gold winner into the Mexico 1968 Olympic Games. "Olympiacos Pireaus" has been the first coaching experience of Ivo Trumbic. In 1973 he became the coach of the Dutch National water Polo team. Photo: Private collection

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