Sunday, April 22, 2007

1932, Los Angeles: Bela Komjadi as "referee" aggressed by the Brazilians...

First riot into the Los Angeles 1932 Olympic Games occurred when Germany had beaten Brazil, 7 to 3. During the game, 40 fouls were assessed against the Brazilians while the Germans were called for only four. When the final whistle blew, ending the fray, Luis Henrique Da Silva, the huge Brazilian goalie, and his team mates jumped out of the pool and gave chase the referee Bela Komjadi. They eventually caught him in the fifth row of the grandstand when De Silva landed a vicious punch on Komjadi's chin. At this point, police officers stepped in to quell what was sure to become a full-scale riot. Komjadi regained his sense of humor after things had quieted down. "I guess I don't know the Brazilian rules; The Brazilians have no idea of how to play water polo. ... It stands to reason that if I were to be unfair I, as a Hungarian, would be prejudiced against the Germans, our big rivals. . ."" he commented. Olympic officials banned the Brazilian team for the rest of the Games.
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