Monday, June 25, 2007

Romolo Parodi: The missionary coach from Liguria

Romolo Parodi, born in Liguria, Italy in 1936 has been a great player and an exceptional coach. His sport carrier started at “Genoa Nuoto” with which he won the 1955 National Championship. He continued playing for “Rari Nantes Camogli” winning the 1957 Italian Championship. In late 50's Parodi has been among the players of the Italian National team and missed “at the last moment” the Rome, 1960 Olympics, not being selected by his future coach at Camogli in 1964, Bandy Zolyomy…
In 1971 he moved to Sicily, invited by Concetto Lo Bello, President of “Circolo Canottieri Ortigia”, Syracusa as player-coach. Being a “Maestro dello Sport”, title attributed by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), Romolo Parody set the basis of the future successes of the “C.C.Ortigia” Syracusa. He was the coach who believed into the youth, daring to promote various youngsters to the 1st team, such as Paolo Caldarella and Sandro Campagna, future 1992 Olympic winners. “C.C.Ortigia” by the end of 70’s was ready to get promoted to the A’ division, but Parodi, firm believer of his plan, preferred to keep playing in B’ division letting his emerging champions to reach maturity. Just a year prior to the promotion of Ortigia to the A’ division in 1981, he left his team not willing to compromise with the team Management. From 1981 up to 1984 he moved to “Nuoto Catania” and then in 1984 he came back to Syracusa staying until 1987. From 1990 to 1991 he coached Rari Nates Camogli and then in 1992 he went back for the 3rd time to his Ortigia. In 1994 he moved to “Chiavari Nuoto” where he closed his long and fruitful carrier. Romolo Parodi has been recognized as the “gentleman” of the swimming pools, a man not willing to compromise, offering at any cost room to the young generations.
Source: courtesy of Mr.Sandro Campagna (Head coach of the Greek National team).
Photo: Bandy Zolyomy with Romolo Parodi.

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