Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1984, Los Angeles: "Baby" Mavrotas

Extract of the Italian magazine "Il Mondo del Nuoto" of 1984 presenting George Mavrotas as the "Baby" - youngest player of the Los Angeles, 1984 Olympic Games. The article written by the famous Italian journalist Sandro Castellano is including quotes of Josep Brasco: " Mavrotas is a player of remarkable quality. He his is clever and very fast and will improve with the time. He has all the charisma to make a long carrier"......
It seems that Brasco didn't fail to his judgment (To note that Josep Brasco was the coach who introduced Manuel Estiarte, at the age of 17, to the International Water Polo world, as well...).
Source: Magazine "Il mondo del Nuoto" 1984"; personal archive

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