Friday, June 22, 2007

1983: Pro-Recco wins the European Championship

The team of "Pro Recco", Italy winner of its second European Cup for National Champions in 1983. Pro Recco coached by the Hungarian Imre Szicora at the 1st game of the final phase lost against Alphen, Nederlands 10-8 (Veenendaal, 27 November 1983) and won the second game 8-5 (Genova, 3 December 1983). The team: Alberani, D'Altrui, Galli, Peri, Tixi, Baldineti, Lagostena, Tronchini, Castagnola, Ragosa, Bertazzoli, Capurro.
Source: magazine "Il mondo del Nuoto", 1997

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