Saturday, June 23, 2007

1948, London: Nederlands vs Spain at Finchley

A general view of the open air pool at Finchley during a match between Netherlands and Spain, at London, 1948 Olympics. Finchley Pool was chosen for the preliminary rounds of the Water Polo as it had the advantage of a sufficient area and depth to conform to FINA regulations. This picture shows clearly the way the Water Polo was played at the time. The couples are well spread apart into the field either defending or attacking only, without moving up and down.
August 2nd: Netherlands beat Spain by 5 goals to 2 at Finchley.
Netherland: Salomons, P.; Korevaar, C; Braasem, C.; Keetelaar, H.; Smol, F.; Van Feggelen, R.; Ruimchotel, A. Spain: Serra Liobet, J.; Falp Mont, C.; Pujol Coma, J.; Marti Arenas, C; Sabate Figa, A.; Mestres Rivas, A.; Castillo Caupana, F.
Goal Judges: J. Papadakis (Greece); W. Marty (Switzerland). Referee: R. Hodgson (Great Britain). Timekeeper: A. G. Taylor (Great Britain).
Source: Official report London, 1948 Olympic Games

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