Friday, May 25, 2007

1958, Budapest: The legendary Spanish referees

Mateo Manguillot and Tomas Batalle, the legendary Spanish referees, saved the prestige of Spanish Water Polo in Budapest 1958, European Championships. Batalle officiated four games: Holland - Great Britain 4-2, Italy - East Germany 8-3, Hungary - Yugoslavia 5-3 and the final Hungary - USSR 4-2. Manguillot has refereed the games: Hungary - Belgium 7-0, Holland - Yugoslavia 1-4, Yugoslavia - USSR 2-3 and Belgium - Poland 1-4.
Tomas Batalle debuted into the London 1948 Olympic Games. In 1960 he moved to FINA’s IWPC and retired on 1972.
Mateo Maguillot started his International carrier on 1955 during the Mediterranean Games of Barcelona and substituted Batalle to IWPC on 1972. He retired on 1984.
Source: "Historia del Water Polo Espanol"; Juan Antonio Sierra.

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