Monday, May 28, 2007

Frank Otto: presented by Bela Rajki

Frank Otto has been one of the best left handed player of the 80’s. Multi winner with Spandau 04, Berlin, winner of the 1983 European Cup for National Champions and winner with the German National team of the gold in Split, 1981 European Championships and silver in Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games. The famous Hungarian coach Bela Rajki on 1982 presented an article concerning his great talent. Here is what Rajki said: “In my opinion Frank Otto is the best left handed player in the World. The ideal title to a photo series on his movement would be “ the role of wrist in the development of the shooting action”. It was the perfect technique of the wrist, the complete security in handling the ball that were the most striking features noted in the play of Otto. The photos were made as he prepared to shot while moving fast in the water. Otto gives perfect “hold” to the ball, even in the fastest movement, with the help of his wrist, perfectly adapted to the rhythm of his arm action. The ball almost “sticks” to his palm in every phase of his movement.
Source: Magazine International swimming and Water Polo; 1982/2.

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