Friday, May 25, 2007

1958, Budapest: Poster of the European Champs

Poster announcing the Budapest 1958 European Championships. Winner of the competition has been Hungary with Yugoslavia 2nd and Soviet Union 3rd.
The Hungarian team: O. Boros, G. Csillag, Z. Domotor, I. Hevesi, L. Jeney Lαszlo, T.Kanizsa, G. Kαrpαti, A. Katona, K. Markovits, M. Mayer Mihαly, R. Molnαr, I. Pintιr, J. Vαczi
Source: magazine Crol, 1966;


  1. Dear Yannis,

    is this blog going someday to be published as a book, or all these information are already from a book (or many books) written by yourself?

    The content of your blog is simply amazing.


  2. Dear Helcio, Many thanks for your kind words. I gather all information from my personal archive, internet, or friends. My intention is not to publish a book or make money out of this initiative. I would be glad if those stories could contribute to promoting our “Water Polo culture” and love for this Sport.
    Warm reagards, Yiannis Giannouris


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