Saturday, May 26, 2007

1980, Moscow: Boris Popov coaching USSR to the gold

At the 1976, Montreal Olympics the USSR was placed eighth, while for the next three years, failed as well, to finish among the medal winners at all Major International tournaments. Boris Popov, medalist of the 1964, Tokyo Olympics, took charge of the Soviet National team. At the Moscow Olympics, the USSR team having emerged victorious in all matches took their second Olympic title, while in the subsequent years achieved stable successes in all contests. The players of Boris Popov: Sharonov, Akimov, Grishin, Riysman, Shagayev, Kotenko, Barkalov, Kabanov, G. Mshvenieradze and Sobchenko.

Source: Official program of 1st Goodwill Games, Moscow 1986

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