Wednesday, May 30, 2007

1925: Excursion of "C.N. Barcelona" in Germany

The team of "Club Natacio Barcelona" during an "excursion" in Germany on July 1925. The CNB team: Jimenez, Tussel, Puig, Baste, Gibert, Granados, Peradejordi, Vila. CNB gave 6 matches in diferent German towns: (Dusseldorf/Nemzeti S.C Budapest - CNB: 2-1, Bremicher/ CNB-Bremicher Sheimmverband: 3-0, Ohligs/ CNB-Ohligs: 2-0, Colon/Rhenus Colon-CNB: 2-0, Dortmund/CNB-Dortmund: 4-0 and Hanover/ Hanover Wasserfreunde-CNB: 7-2
Source: Natacio CNB 1907-1932

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