Wednesday, May 30, 2007

1931: Excursion of Spain in Central Europe

The National team of Spain during an "excursion" in central Europe from 7 to 19 July 1931. The National team of Spain represented again by the players of "C.N.Barcelona": Standing L-R: Rudy Schulz, Ramon Borras, Sema Palatchi, Juan Gamper, Rafael Jimenez, Jose Maria Puiz, Gonzalo Jimenez. Sitting L-R: Salvador Pares, Angel Sabata and Ricardo Brull. The Spanish team (C.N.B.) gave 7 matches in different countries and cities: (Karlsruhe/Neptun - Spain: 1-7, Praga/ Spain-Czechoslovakia : 0-3 and 1-0, Budejovice/ Spain - Budejovice: 13-0, Brno/Spain - Brno : 14-3, Millstadt/Austria - Spain: 2-0 and 2-0.
Source: "Historia del Water Polo Espanol" by Juan Antonio Sierra and "Natacio CNB 1907-1932"

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