Friday, May 25, 2007

1966, Barcelona: The U18 Juniors of Italy

The Under 18 team of Italy, winner of the International Water Polo Junior tournament held in Barcelona, Spain, 10-12 April 1966.Ranking of the teams: 1. Italy, 2. Germany, 3. France and 4. Spain (Netherlands participated as out of competition).
Standing L-R: S.Garau, G.F.Tedeschi, M.Coconi, F.Lignano, P.L.La Firenza, P.L.Formiconi, R.Simeoni, S.Forte, G.Sorrentino, G.Antonelli. Squatting L-R: S.Marsili and L.Pialorsi.
Source: magazin Crol, 1966

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