Thursday, May 17, 2007

1977: Canottieri Napoli wins its 6th Scudetto

After the 1973 Championship, won by Canottieri Napoli, the Scandone pool of Napoli closed for restoration, a fact that affected the team of Fritz Dennelrlein. Pro Recco took profit and comes back to the top until 1975 year the Canottieri won its 5th title, arriving to equality of titles with Rari Nantes Napoli. 1976 has been the year of Rari Nantes Florentia of the great Gianni De Magistris. On 1977 Canottieri strikes back again, winning its 6th Italian Championship.
Standing L-R: Sergio Pirone, De Gennaro, Notarangelo, D’ Urso, Criscuolo, Scotti- Galetta, Fritz Dennerlein. Sitting L-R: Paolo De Crescenzo, Forte, Parisio, Marco Pirone and Enzo D’ Angelo.
Source: Il Matino illustrato 1979; article of Gege Maisto

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