Thursday, May 17, 2007

1963: The third triumph of “Canottieri Napoli”

After 1958’s victory of “Canottieri Napoli”, Cesare Rubini undertakes the coaching of the team. Despite his great efforts Canottieri looses against the powerful “Pro Recco” of Piero and Eraldo Pizzo.
In 1963, Buby Dennerlein becomes the coach of "Canottieri" and brakes the winning series of "Pro Recco". Buby Dennerlein imposed strong discipline to the team and succeeded to present a team with exceptional character. Front row: Bubi Dennerlein (coach), Mario Vivace, Gualtiere Parisio, Osvaldo De Falco, Carlo De Gaudio (Vice- President), Fritz Dennerlein, Piero De Stefano, Gigi Mannelli, Giampiero Fossati. Back row: Nando Sacchetti, Dario Monizio, Giovanni Orlando and Telemaco Marcoccio.
Source: Il Matino illustrato 1979; article of Gege Maisto

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