Thursday, May 17, 2007

1958: The 2nd "scudetto" of “Canottieri Napoli”

As the Yugoslavian Marjan Stipetic left Canottieri Napoli and Gildo Arena went back to “Rari Nantes Napoli”, the titles for a period of six years went away from Napoli. “R.N Camogli” became the dominant force of "Campionato", winning the ’52,’53, ‘55 and ‘57 titles. The other two titles have been assigned to “Roma” of Mannelli and Rubini on ‘54 and “S.S. Lazio” on ‘56. During this long period Canottieri Napoli was always on the top, but with no title, until 1958, when the Yugoslavian Ivo Kurtini, withdrew playing and coached the team to its second “scudetto”.
Standing from L-R: Fritz Dennerlein, Piero De Stefano, Bubi Dennerlein, Claudio Jodice, Giovanni Capobianco, Christian Schollmeier, Franco Russo. Sitting L-R: Maurizio Mannelli, Fofo Buonocore, Gigi Mannelli, Lello De Stefano.
Source: Il Matino illustrato 1979 article of Gege Maisto

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