Sunday, May 20, 2007

1959 : Dynamo Magdeburg wins for 3rd time.

The 1959 team of "Dynamo Magdeburg" winner of its third consecutive East German Championship. "Dynamo Magdeburg" was dominating East Germany from 1957 up to 1977 with exception of 1967 and 1969 that lost the Championship from "SC Dynamo Berlin" and 1974, 1975 that lost from "BSG Turbine Gaswerke Berlin".
Standing L-R :
Theo Burmeister, Kurt Ludwig, Manfred Koch, Wilfried Cuno, Manfred Bludau, Klaus Strobach.
Sitting L-R: Kiepe Korb, Ingo Ölschläger, Putschke, Jürgen Umlauft
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