Wednesday, May 16, 2007

1950: The last “scudetto” of “Rari Nantes Napoli”

On 1950 “Rari Nantes Napoli” won its last Championship, since the year after emerged the other Neapolitan team “Canottieri Napoli”. The Champions of RN Napoli : From top left: Emilio Bulgarelli Enzo Polito Pasquale Buonocore, Cesare Rubini, Giovanni De Silva, Vittorio Sosti, Gildo Arena.
Rari Nantes Napoli won the 39, 41, 42, 49 and 50 Italian Championships.
Following those successes Rari Nantes Napoli continued to fight until 1979 year that the team fall into the 2nd division. To note that three players of RNN participated within the 1960 golden Olympic Team of Italy, coached by Bandy Zolyomy: Gieppino D' Altrui, Rosario Parmegiani and Amedeo Ambron.
Source: Il Matino illustrato 1979 article of Gege Maisto

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