Wednesday, May 16, 2007

1939: The first “scudetto” of “Rari Nantes Napoli”

1939 has been one of the best years of the “bianco celeste” team of “Santa Lucia”. "Rari Nantes Napoli" wins its 1st Italian Championship and converts Water Polo in Napoli as popular as football. The team arrives to its first great success thanks to the work of the Hungarian Bandy Zolyomy who arrived in Napoli on 1935. The team: Giovanni De Silva, Gildo Arena, Enrico Fortunati, Mario Donadio, Pascuale Buonocore, Emilio Bulgarelli , Genesio Bossa, Alessio Guasco, Giulio Defilippis,
Source: magazin: "Il Matino illustrato" 1979; article of Gege Maisto

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