Tuesday, May 22, 2007

1924, Paris: The team of Italy for 2nd time in Olympics

The National team of Italy that took part into Paris 1924 Olympic Games. The Italian team was not classified loosing in the preliminary phase against Sweden. On Sunday 13th July, Italy played for the first match of the Water polo tournament against the team of Sweden. According to the official report of the Paris Games this match offered just a secondary interest as the two teams were quite unequal in quality. The Swedish players were much faster and technical, succeeding at the end of first half to win 5-0 against the Italians. During the second half, the Italians despite the great performance of their goalkeeper M. Balla received two more goals, with the match ending with 7-0. The team of Italy: T. Ambrosini, G. Valle, E. Della Casa, A. Berruti, M. Cazzaniga, A. Cavoglio, O. Andreancic, B. Benvenuti, C De Luca and M. Balla.
Source: 1. Official report Paris 1924, Olympic Games and 2.“Alla ricerca den Nuoto Perduto”; Aronne Anghileri

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