Sunday, May 20, 2007

1900, Paris: “Osborne Swimming Club” 1st Olympic Winner

The Water Polo team “Osborne Swimming Club” from Manchester gold winner at Paris, 1900 Olympic Games. Osborne Swimming Club was representing Great Britain and was unchallenged in the tournament, scoring 29 goals and conceding only 3 in their 3 matches. In the final in front of 5.000 spectators, they limited the number of shots on goal to avoid humiliating their opponent. The results: Quarterfinals/11 August: Osborne Swimming Club – Tritons Lillois 12-0, Pupilles de Neptune Lille- Berliner Swimming club Otter: 3-2, Brussels Swimming and Water polo club- Pupile de Neptune Lille: 3-2. Semi-finals/12 August: Osborne Swimming club-Pupilles de Neptune Lille: 10-1, Brussels Swimming and Water polo club: 5-1. Final/13 August: Osborne Swimming Club- Brussels Swimming and Water polo club: 7-2
The team: William Henry (Life Saving Society), Robert A.Grawshaw (Mayfield), Thomas Coe (Manchester Osborne), Victor Lindberg (Osborne registered but swam for Australia), F.Stapleton (Nottingham), Jack A. Jarvis (Leicester). In the team were not included as believed so far John Derbyshire, Eric Robinson, George Wilkinson, Arthur Robertson and William Lister Source: and Official report Paris 1900, Olympic Games. New findings about the composistion of Osborne team were provided by the historian Mrs Wendy Coles. 

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