Friday, May 11, 2007

Paolo Costoli: The great Florentine of Brazil

Paolo Costoli was born in Florence, Italy on 1910. He was distinguished swimmer of “Rari Nantes Florentia”, winner of several Italian titles from 1929 to 1935. He won the bronze at the European Swimming Champs of Paris, 1931 and the silver at the 1934 European Swimming Champ of Magdeburg. He participated in Amsterdam 1928 and Los Angeles 1928 Olympic Games. At the time he was swimmer he also played Water Polo winning the 33, 34, 37 and 38 Italian Championships with “R.N. Florentia”. On 1938 he participated in London European Water Polo Champs with Italy finishing into the 5th place.
On 1950 he moved to Brazil and coached “Fluminense” of Rio de Janeiro contributing to its great success. “Fluminense” at his period won the Brazilian Championship for 9 consecutive years, being undefeated for 104 games. In Brazil, Paolo Costoli introduced new methods of preparation and game tactics converting “Fluminense” to a team playing a pleasant and mobile style of game fact that set new standards for the Brazilian Water Polo.
On 1957 he returned to Italy and coached with great success swimming of “R.N. Florentia”, “A.S Roma” and the Italian National swimming team. On 1966, he lost his life into a tragic air crash, traveling to Bremen along with his National team swimmers: B. Bianchi, A. Chimisso, S. De Gregorio, D. Rora, C. Longo, L. Massenzi, D. Samuele and the journalist N. Sapio.
Source: Rari 1904; Una storia di Campioni a cura di Giordano Goggioli. 2. 3. extract “Polo Aquatico Brasileiro” Silvio Telles

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