Thursday, May 10, 2007

Miro Cirkovic: The inspirational Yugoslavian coach

Trifun Miro Cirkovic was born in Hercegnovi, Montenegro on 1934. He jointed “Jadran Hercegnovi” on 1948 and won with his club the ’58 and ’59 National Championships. In 1960 he moved to “Primorac Kotor” and soon began his exceptional coaching carrier. After the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games he became Head coach of Yugoslavia and led his team to several success such as: Silver medal at “Jonkoping” Sweden 1977 European Championships, Bronze at Berlin 1978 World Championships, Bronze at the 1st FINA Cup in Belgarde 1979. His biggest success is considered the silver medal at the Moscow 1980 Olympic Games, as Yugoslavia, following a twelve-year pause, succeeded in winning the 4th Olympic silver medal.
Miro Circovic introduced new methods in the preparation of his players and dared to rejuvenate the Yugoslav team giving the chance to a new generation of players to emerge. He passed away suddenly crashing into a car accident prior to Spit 1981 European Championship.
Source: 1. “Sezdeset godina Hercegnovoskog Jadrana”; Dusan Rasovic, 2.Iternational water Polo magazine 1979.

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