Monday, May 7, 2007

Evert Kroon: The flying Dutchman

Evert Gerrit Kroon, born on 1946 in Hilversum, Holland is considered as one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Dutch and International Water Polo. Kroon participated in three consecutive Olympic Games starting in Mexico 1968. After two 7th place finishes he won the historical for his country bronze medal at the 1976, Summer Olympics in Montreal Canada. His performance against USSR (3-2 for Holland) and Yugoslavia (5-3 for Holland) was expectional, contributing allot to his team unique success.
The team of Holland in Montreal: Alex Boegschoten, Toni Buunk, Piet de Zwarte, Evert Kroon, Andy Hoepelman, Nico Landerweerd, Hans Smith, Gijze Strober, Rik Toonen, Hans Van Zeeland and Jan Evert Veer. Coach of the team was the great Ivo Trumbic (Yugoslavia) Source: “Water Polo, Historie, training, techniek en taktiek” by W. Tiemessen and P. van den Bosch.

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