Monday, May 21, 2007

Bernardo Picornell: The soul of Spanish swimming and Water Polo

Bernardo (Bernat) Picornell was born in Marseille on 1883. Bernat Picornell was a pioneer in the development of aquatic sports in Spain, particularly swimming and water polo. He was practiced swimming and Water Polo in Marseille, France until he moved to Barcelona in 1905. In 1907 he established the “Club Natación Barcelona” and a year later, Picornell dove in to the sport of Water Polo, conducting Spain's first official match where he also served as a referee. On 1920 he contributed to the creation of Spanish Swimming Federation. He was in close relation with many leading Sports personalities, including Baron De Coubertin. Picornell became a FINA Bureau member in 1952, an honour which brought prestige to his country due to his continuous efforts to bring the world of swimming to Spain. Before his death in 1970, Picornell successfully secured Barcelona as the host of the 1970 European Championships.

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