Monday, May 21, 2007

1972: Greek National team with Laszlo Sarosi again

The Greek National Water Polo team in 1972 during an International tournament in Malta. Laszlo Sarosi returned to Greece after his first period started on 1963 and led the Greek team into the Munich 1972, Olympic Games. Standing L-R: Dimitris Konstas, Yiannis Palios, Nikos Molochas, Koulis Iosifidis, Dimitris Kougevetopoulos, Laszlo Sarosi, Giorgos Theodorakopoulos. Sitting L-R: Periklis Damaskos, Thomas Karalogos, Stathis Sarandos, Vaggelis Voultsos and Yiannis Karalogos.
Source: courtesy of Mr. Nikos Molochas

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