Thursday, May 10, 2007

1968, Mexico: The National team of Brazil

The National Water Polo team of Brazil that participated in Mexico 1968, Olympic Games. Brazil's Team composition: Marsili Arnaldo, Carotini Ivo, Filellini Henrique, Pinciroli Pedro, Goncalves Joao, Pires Alvaro, Lima Claudio, Sandoval Fernando, Marsili Aluisio, Jardim Marco. The results of Brazil: USA-Brazil: 10-5, Cuba-Brazil: 9-2, Germany – Brazil: 10-5, Spain- Brazil: 6-6, Hungary – Brazil: 8-2, USSR – Brazil: 8-2, Brazil – RAU: 5-3 and Brazil – Greece: 5-2. Brazil finished 13th.
To note that Brazil partecipated with 10 players instead of 11 players.
Source: and Official Report Mexico 1968, Olympic Games.

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