Friday, May 18, 2007

1966: Partizan, Belgrade Champion of Europe

The team of Partizan Belgrade winner of the European Cup for National Champions on 1966. The semi finals: Genova: Pro Recco – Partizan 4-1 and Zagreb: Partizan – Pro Recco 5-1. Magdeburg: Dinamo Magdeburg – CSK Moscow 5-3 and Moscow: CSK Moscow – Dinamo Magdeburg: 5-4. The finals: Zagreb: Partizan – Dinamo Magdeburg: 5-3 and Magdeburg: Dinamo Magdemburg – Partizan: 4-3.
Partizan: Muscatirovic, Perisic, Cukvas, Manic, Colonic, Sandic, Jankovic, Tedeski, Zivkovic.
Coach: Vlaho Orlic
Source: magazine Crol, Spain 1966.

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