Friday, May 18, 2007

1965: Bandy Zolyomy back to Spain

After the 4th place for Italy in Tokyo 1964, Olympic Games the Italian era of Bandy Zolyomy arrives to its end. Gianni Lonzi, who at the time transferred from Rari Nantes Florentia to Rari Nantes Camogli, deeply appreciating his coach, convinced him to coach his new team. Camogli didn’t have the money to pay Zolyomy and proposed him to manage a small service station in order to make his living. Zolyomy accepted and moved to Camogli until May 1965 he received a generous offer to come back to Spain. The famous Italian sports newpaper “Gazzeta dello Sport” said about Golyomy: “ Farewell to the “zingaro” of the ball – Zolyomy turns to Spain. Now, they cry for him even in Camogli”.
Source: courtesy of Mr. Pepe Brasco, Magazin Croll 1966.

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