Sunday, May 20, 2007

1963: First day of Laszlo Sarosi in Greece

First day of the great Hungarian coach Laszlo Sarosi in Greece May 5th, 1963. Laszlo Sarosi has been one of the best Hungarian coaches who offered his services to various Nations such as Greece, Germany and Spain. He was the coach who introduced the age groups work into the Greek Water polo offering allot to its further development. Laszlo Sarosi was the father of the great Hungarian Laszlo Sarosi, gold winner of the Montreal 1976,Olympic Games.
captured into the indoor pool of Navy in Piraeus: Dimitrios Zografos (General Secretary of Greek Swimming Federation), Milo Lusic (coach Olympiacos Piraeus), Nikos Loukatos (N.C. Patras), Nikos Molochas (N.C.Patras), Laszlo Sarosi, Epameinondas Petralias (Vice President Greek Swimming Fedaration), Yiannis Palios (Olympiacos Piraeus), Takis Mathioudakis (Olympiacos Piraeus) and Kourelidis (official of Olympiacos Piraeus).
Photo: courtesy of Mr. Nikos Molochas

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