Wednesday, May 2, 2007

1956: Melbourne: Hungary vs USSR 4-0

Picture of the historical game of Hungary and Soviet Union 4-0 for the final round of Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games. In action Hungary’s Ervin Zador with the Soviet player Prokopov (No. 2) a moment after the incident in which Zador was seriously injured. Hungary: O. Boros, M. Mayer, D. Gyarmati, K. Markovits, A. Bolvari, E. Zador, G. Karpati. USSR: B. Goikhman, V. Prokopov, I. Chliapine, P.Breous, V. Korennoi, P. Mchvenieradze, B. Markarov. Referee: S. Zucherman
Source:, Official Report Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games

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